Pressure Leaf Filter

Pressure Leaf Filter
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Goyum filter’s offers all kind of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters for filtration of liquids & Specially Edible Oil with suspended solid contents upto 7%.
  • When minimum floor space for large filtration areas is required.
  • When the liquids are volatile and may not be subjected to vacuum.
  • When there is a risk of environmental hazard from toxic, flammable or volatile cakes specially secured discharge mechanisms may be incorporated.
  • When high filtrate clarity is required for polishing applications.
  • When handling saturated brines that require elevated temperatures the tank may be steam jacketed.
  • When the cake may be discharged either dry or as a thickened slurry.
Polish Filter
polish filter
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Goyum Filters Single or Multi micro bag polishing filters are basically used for final filtration. The baskets are housed in Vessel with proper sitting type arrangements.
  • Filter micro bags used are PP, PPS, Polyster Polyamide or special material depending on Filtrate conditions.
  • Depending on Capacity Micro Bag Filter can be Offered.
  • For Economical removal of Trace Contaminants.
  • PURIC Polishing filter are the low cost answer to variety of liquid clarification need and specially to edible oil.
  • The Basic Filter is flour mounted, inline pressure vessel consisting of a tubular housing in which the filter bag is supported by 304 strainer steel basket.
Vibro Separator
vibro separator
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The efficient range of vibro separator is facilitate with vertical type special motor to carry on the three dimensional composed circular and elliptic motions in vertical, horizontal and inclinational faces. It is a type of separating machine which achieves superior performance dispersing the feed (Crude Oil) from the centre equally; hence utilizing all parts of screen cloth.
Model Screen Diameter Power
GSP–24 24” 0.5 HP
GSP–30 30” 0.5 HP
GSP–36 36” 0.5 HP
GSP–48 48” 1.5 HP
GSP–60 60” 1.5 HP