Seed Cracker

Seed Cracker

Seed Cracker

Seed Cracker
  • Seed Cracker to crack the seeds into smaller pieces. It is completely designed with Steel Cast Bearing Body filled with bearing ,oil seals grease nipple and cover.
  • Belt tensioning device is provided along with V-belts and Pulleys.
  • Fabricated chamber size : 20″ long x 3 1/2″ Diameter.
  • Feeder is provided to feed the material with uniform flow. Geared Motor of 1 HP is provided to drive the Feeder.

10 to 50 Tonnes / Day

Feeding Drum:

12 mm thick


Material : Chilled Cast Iron
Size : 750 x 250 mm
Design : Grooved & Balanced
Quantity : 2 Pairs


Provided to Clean the Rolls

Magnet Plates:

Provided to Safeguard the Rolls

Inspection Glass Window:

To See the Flow of Material

Palm Nut Cracker
palm nut cracker
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palm nut cracker
Palm Nut Cracker offered comprises hydraulic operations and are made available in different operating specifications as per the specific application needs at customer’s end. The superior designs of these machines also ensure that these are safe to use and have no sparks, flames or risk to volatile surroundings. These nut crackers are also designed to achieve faster cuts than done manually. Further, the use of heavy duty fabrication as well as chilled cast iron rolls can be made available as per seed and size requirement.
  • Nut crackers designed to support increasing output of plants
  • Systems designed to deliver shock absorbing operations
  • Design standards that ensure reduction in wear and tear of expellers