Edible Oil Refinery Plant Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes in 24 Hours.


The bleaching of edible oils and fats is an important part of the refining process of crude oils and fats. It does remove the several contaminations which impacts adversely the physical appearance and quality of the oil. Generally the oil after degumming / neutralization also does have impurities in various quantities. Many of these impurities have to be removed from the oil to achieve the high quality oil for the edible use.

Bleaching with natural or acid-activated clay minerals to adsorb coloring components and to decompose hydro peroxides.

Goyum’s unique design of the bleacher keeps bleaching earth in full suspension due to which there is no dead areas inside the bleacher which in turn gives lower utility consumption.

bleaching plant
Bleaching Plant

Technological Highlights

  • Lower Bleaching Earth Consumption
  • Uniform Mixing of Oil & Earth
  • Maintenance Free Bleacher
  • No Dead Area in Bleacher
  • Lower Percentage of Oil in Spent Cakes
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Bleaching Plant