Edible Oil Refinery Plant Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes in 24 Hours.

Degumming / Neutralization

Degumming is a process of removing phospholipids to improve its physical stability and facilitate further refining. Phospholipids may lead to the dark colored oil and they may also lead to off -flavour. Free fatty acids, pigments and other impurities are also partially removed by degumming.

Degumming and Neutralization Plant
Degumming / Neutralization Plant

Goyum follows different type of degumming processes like Water Degumming/Acid Degumming/ Enzymatic Degumming. These processes are being selected based on methods of processing, chemicals used and the content of phosphatides in the crude vegetable oil.

Neutralizing of the free fatty acids with a slight excess of sodium hydroxide solution, followed by the washing out of soaps and hydrated phospholipids.

Technological Highlights

  • Efficient Design
  • Less utility Consumption
  • Less Maintenance Cost
  • Better Process
  • Efficient Removal of Hydratable and Non Hydratable Gums.
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Degumming / Neutralization