Edible Oil Refinery Plant Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes in 24 Hours.


Deodorization is done to remove the volatile components, mainly Aldehydes & Ketones, with threshold values for dictation by taste or smell. Deodorization is essentially a steam distillation process carried out at low pressure 2-6 Kg/Cm2 and elevated temp range of 180-220°C.

The entire process is done under high vacuum. The smell is removed in the deodorizer. The FFA is also removed in the Physicaltype deodorizer.

Deodorization Plant

Technological Highlights

  • Max. Heat Transfer Area
  • Lower Steam Consumption
  • Zero Contamination
  • Elaborated and Efficient Design for the Removal of Fatty Acid in Physical Type Deo
  • Longer Self Life of Oil
  • No Maintenance
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Deodorization Plant