Edible Oil Refinery Plant Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes in 24 Hours.


Oleo Chemical Plant


The technology design of the splitting tower allows a splitting degree well above 99% heating by direct steam injection is under automatic temperature control. The tower is operating at 60 Bar and is composed by three main section:

  • Central section where splitting occurs.
  • Top section of heat exchanger where the outgoing Fatty Acids preheat the incoming water and are cooled.
  • Bottom section where the outgoing sweet water preheat the incoming Fat.

Fatty Acid Distillation and Fatty Acid Fractional Distillation

Technology fatty acids distillation unit is a very compact design where condensation and scrubbing are incorporate in the column itself.

Operating temperature are kept to minimum due to very low pressure drop of the tower. The distiller is a structured packing tower. According to the raw materials the process may contemplate a precut column.

Maximum heat recovery is achieved by generating low pressure steam.

Fatty acids of different length are fractionated at the requested purity in several columns.

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