Edible Oil Refinery Plant Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes in 24 Hours.

Palm Oil Fractionation Plant

After the bleaching section the oil is first cooled by cold Fractionated oil for maximum regeneration of heat. Then the same oil is cold by cooling tower water up to 40 C to 45 C. Then this oil is cooled by outgoing chilled fractionated oil from the filters. This oil is then chilled to de-waxing temp and feed to Crystallizers. In the crystallizer proper residence time is given with maintaining the temperature of the oil, which results in formation of wax / stearin crystals and residence time, will give proper growth to the crystals.
This mixture is then feed to the Filter Press for the removal of the stearin.

Palm Oil Fractionation
Palm Oil Fractionation

Technological Highlights

  • Large heat transfer area with regard to the oil charge in the Crystallizers.
  • Optimal position of the heat exchange surfaces with regard to the impellers and therefore to the oil circulation in the vessel.
  • All parts of the processed oil are really driven too close to the heat exchange surfaces.
  • The cooling program is accurately followed.
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Palm Oil Fractionation