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Water Softening Plant

Softeners are based on Ion Exchange Process. Our water Softening plant are compact and use pressure vessels containing cation exchange resin in sodium form. These resin eliminate dissolved ions like calcium and Magnesium from water to give high quality soft water. Necessary salt preparation tank with injection systems is also offered with the system.

Water Softening Plant
Water Softening Plant

Features of Water Softening Plant

  • Made with FRP/ Alloy Steel Structural Pressure Vessels ensuring Longer Life
  • With Automatic Fleck Softening valves & Pumps
  • Activated Carbon & Silka Sand is used in the Vessel

Specification of Softening Plant

Model No.Flow Rate (LPH)Resin Media Qty(Ltrs)Vessel Size (DiaxHeight) mmValve Type & Size (Inches)
Goyum 10001000100362×12955600-1″
Goyum 20002000180473×16405600-1″
Goyum 30003000270610×17312510-1″
Goyum 40004000360610×17312850-1 1/2″
Goyum 50005000450770×18152850-1 1/2″
Goyum 60006000540770×1812850-1 1/2″
Goyum 70007000630927×15562850-1 1/2″
Goyum 80008000720927×1853150-2″
Goyum 900090008001074×18803150-2″
Goyum 1000010,000901074×1883150-2″
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