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Seed Cracker

seed cracker

Hard seeds like Sunflower, Soya beans, Safflower, Jatropha. This seed cracker fitted with cylindrical chilled cast Iron rolls with groves’ Cracker fitter with two number or four number of rolls based on capacity and to achieve specific size reduction.

The Beans or Nuts passed through the feed hoper fitted with uniform feeding system controlled by RPM with adjustable gate, fixed with a permanent magnet to remove the iron particles periodically

The RPM of the feed rolls decide the capacity of the Cracking Mill. The Speed of the Rolls designed with specific torque to achieved the rated Capacity. The cracker will be used for wide applications in vegetable Oil industry.

Features of Seed Cracking Machine

  • Gap between the rolls could be adjusted to achieve specific size of the cracked pieces.
  • Huge doors allow to inspect and maintain the machines easily.
  • Automatic synchronization with feature with feed roll make the main rolls to disengage when there is no feed.
  • Permanent Magnet at Feed roll prevent the damage of the grooves
  • Special Chilling procedure to make the rolls harder for Longer life
  • Rail type slide of bearings for easy movement
  • Side sealed with Teflon sheets for proper sealing and prevent dusting and maintain hygiene conditions
  • Special gear boxes will be provided for Higher capacity Cracking machines above 500 tons per day capacity.
  • Rubber scrapers ensures online cleaning of the rolls
  • Wide capacity range available



10 to 50 Tonnes / Day

Feeding Drum:

12 mm thick


Material : Chilled Cast Iron Size : 750 x 250 mm Design : Grooved & Balanced Quantity : 2 Pairs


Provided to Clean the Rolls

Magnet Plates:

Provided to Safeguard the Rolls

Inspection Glass Window:

To See the Flow of Material

Palm Nut Cracker

palm nut cracker

The Palm fruit processing generates pulp from which palm red oil will be extracted. The Nut will be separated from the process and passed through the polisher to obtained polished palm nut.

The polished palm nut does not much fiber on the surface to enable to crack it with less impact.

The Nut cracker is the machine fitted with two cylindrical rollers fitted with either rippers or grooves to crack the nut into uniform pieces after will be separated the shell and kernel either by mud bath or manual process.

Features of Palm Nut Cracker

  • Suitable for Medium and Large-scale applications
  • Excellent Cracking efficiency
  • Low Kernel damage or disintegration
  • Hardened Rippers for longer life
  • High speed Operation
  • Tedious Manual work reduced
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Saves Energy and time

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