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Oil Expeller Capacity Ranging from 1 Tonne - 140 Tonnes Seed Crushing in 24 Hours.
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Oil Extraction Machine

The oil extraction machine is designed to continuously extract oil from vegetable oilseeds. This Highly-Efficient GOYUM MK-IV machine is designed for oilseed processing by both cold and hot pressing. The oil making machine consists of various parts such as body, main shaft, worms, cage bar, gear assembly, oil & cake outlet and electric motor. The upper layer is equipped with a preheating cooker/kettle to control the temperature before the raw material enters the machine and increase the oil output rate of the raw material.

Oil extraction machine for commercial & Industrial Business

The equipment has reliable performance, reasonable structure, simple and easy operation, convenient maintenance, and can work continuously for a long time. To run this machine, 3-phase 40 H.P motor is required and the RPM of the motor was maintained 1440 RPM. This oil making machine is the ideal equipment for medium-sized oil factories. (Relevant Machines: High Capacity Oil Extraction Machine)

Our machines can process various oilseeds such as – coconut/copra, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, canola seeds, soybean seeds, mustard seed, safflower seed, groundnut/peanut/earthnut, cottonseed, sesame seed, etc.

Features of Oil Extraction Machine

  • Double Reduction Gear Box of Cast Iron Body and Mild Steel Fabricated Gears.
  • Cake Thickness can be adjusted.
  • Case Hardened Worm Assembly and Cone Point.
  • Main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the Gear Box.
  • Crammer Shaft gives Extra Cramming of the Seed or Cake in the Feed Body.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Superior Quality of Oil & Cake.
  • Steel Fabricated Base.
  • Chamber is made from Mild Steel Plates. Size :- Ø 71/2” x Ø 61/2” x 45” Long

Specification of Oil Extraction Machine

Capacity15 tons/day
Power Consumption3-Phase 40 H.P. Motor of 1440 RPM.
Cooker / KettleStage with Steam Jackets of Ø48 for efficient Cooking of Seed.

*Capacity differs with material density and quantity of oil in it.

Overall Machine Dimensions ( Approx. )

2640 MM (8’8″)1930 MM (6’4″)2743 MM (9″)

Our machines are highly durable and cost-effective for the extraction of both edible and non-edible oil. We are manufacturer & exporter of oil extraction machines. Contact us, If you are looking for purchase oil mill machinery to start your own vegetable oil manufacturing business.

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