Oil extraction machine

Oil Extraction Machine


GOYUM MK-IV is a oil extraction machine designed for extraction various types of oilseeds & nuts. This machine is made of premium quality materials to ensure effectiveness and ease-of-operations.

The oil extraction machine consists of different parts. It mainly consists of body, main shaft, worms, cage bar, gear assembly, electric motor and cake outlet. To run this machine, 3-phase 50 HP motor is used and the RPM of the motor was maintained 1440 RPM.

This machine continuously feeds and crushes the oilseeds & nuts to extract the oil out. The system of screw and its shaft is made in such a way that the material is progressively compressed as it moves at the end of the chamber. The pressure of the screws of the extraction machine ruptures the oil from the oilseeds & nuts and oil flows through the holes given in the spacing of chamber and collected at the bottom in crude oil tank.

This machine is capable for oil extraction from various seeds & nuts – coconut, sesame, sunflower, canola, soybean, mustard, safflower, groundnut, cottonseed, castor seed, etc.

13 tpd oil extraction macine
100 tpd oil extraction machine
15 tpd oil extraction machine
50 tpd oil extraction machine
110 tpd oil extraction machine
12 tpd oil extraction machine

Features of Oil Extraction Machine

  • Double Reduction Gear Box of Cast Iron Body and Mild Steel Fabricated Gears.
  • The Machine has to be Stopped for Adjusting the Cake Thickness.
  • Case Hardened Worm Assembly and Cone Point.
  • Main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the Gear Box.
  • Crammer Shaft gives Extra Cramming of the Seed or Cake in the Feed Body.
  • Superior Quality of Oil & Cake.
  • Steel Fabricated Base.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Chamber is Made from MS Plates and 3 Sizes: Ø61/2 X 36″ Long
  • Cooking Kettle : 48″ Diameter, 3 or 4 stage Vertical unit with fabricated shell, steam jackets, agitators to prevent burning of seed, level indicator flap, center shaft driven by independent geared motor, steam inlet, condensate outlet, pipes, valves, fittings & all necessary accessories.

Technical Specification of Oil Extraction Machine

Model Capacity Expeller Motor Kettle Motor Length Breadth Height
GOYUM MK-IV 12 – 15 TPD* 50 HP 3 Phase 5 HP 3 Phase 8.8 ft 6.4 ft 9 ft

*(TPD stand for Ton Per Day (in 24 Hours) of Oilseed Crushing Capacity. Further crushing capacity may differ with the density of oilseeds & nuts and quantity of oil in it.)

Are you looking for the most suitable and cost effective Oil Extraction Machine or complete oilseed processing plant to start your own vegetable oil manufacturing business, then you are in the right place. GOYUM is the best and reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Oil Extraction Machine.

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