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The seeds and nuts are the produce of the harvest. While farmers collecting the seeds and nuts some stones will be entered unintentionally. Under normal operations the stones will be separated from general vibratory screens and gyro screens.

There are certain instances where the beans / seeds / nuts are of the same size make it difficult to separate the stones. Under such circumstances density cum gravity separator with aspiration system will be used to separate the stone from the same size of seeds and beans.

The beans / seeds / nuts will be feed from the top and air will be adjusted through the dampers to make it aspirational density separation and then gravity system used to isolate stones and discharged at opposite ends.

Features of Pressure Type Destoner

  • Compact Design.
  • All Steel with View Windows made up of transparent acrylic sheets
  • Excellent separation No wastage of Seeds/Beans
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to adjust Vibration and Air flow
  • Highly Balanced design
  • Easily replaceable rubber mounts


Model Capacity Power Length Width Height
G2 500 Kg/hr 1 HP 1100 mm 600 mm 1200 mm
G3 1500 Kg/hr 3 HP 1400 mm 800 mm 1600 mm
G4 2500 Kg/hr 5 HP 1400 mm 1000 mm 1700 mm
G6 4000 Kg/hr 7.5 HP 1500 mm 1300 mm 1900 mm

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