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Seed Preparatory Equipment Capacity Ranging from 5 Tonnes - 100 Tonnes in 24 Hours. oil drop

Copra Dryer

Copra Dryer offered find application in drying solid wet materials in batch form. The operations include loading of wet material in chamber that also features perforated sheet or weld mesh bottom so as to permit easy flow of hot air through materials.

This hot air blown into plenum chamber below platform through use of powerful blower of hot air generator is made to pass through wet materials which help in extracting moisture from it that escapes through the opening on top.

Copra Dryer
Copra Dryer

Features of Copra Dryer

  • Finding use for reducing moisture from Copra before crushing.
  • Made available in different operational capacities that can range from 10 – 50 Ton/ Per Day.
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