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Copra Dryer

Copra Dryer is mainly used to dry either wet copra and semi dried copra to make it suitable for extraction of Oil. The dried copra facilities to extract the oil at faster rate and helps to get oil drained. The drier will reduce the moisture from 40% to 7% and also at various moisture levels

induction copra dryer
Induction Dryer
Direct combustion drier
Direct Combustion Dryer
Hot Air Dryer
Hot Air Dryer

The driers are of direct conduction driers, convection driers by Hot Air Radiators and or direct combustion flue gas driers for faster reduction of moisture. These driers are available on various capacities and designed, engineered and manufactured as per customer requirement. Special tailor made dryers could also be manufactured.

Features of Copra Dryer

  • Suitable direct and indirect applications
  • Reduce wide range of moisture from 40%
  • Available in wide range of Capacities
  • Quality of Copra will be maintained
  • Broken shell could be used for Boiler Fuel
  • Contaminations will be avoided due to closed loop operation.
  • Disintegration will be minimized due less drying time
  • On line Operation will help energy saving during extraction.

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