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goyum seed decorticator

A decorticator is a machine for stripping the skin, bark, or rind off nuts, wood, plant stalks, grain, etc. in preparation for further processing.

The grains or whole groundnuts etc will be passed through the hardened knives fitted on a rotating disc which peels sensitively the surface further the Vibration system isolates the shells, Skin etc and leaving kernel / meat for next step of operation.

Features of Decorticator

  • All Metal Construction
  • Hardened knives for long life
  • Vibration system to separate shells and hulls
  • Low damage to the seeds/Kernels
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Single and double chambers based on Capacity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Could be synchronized with other machines
  • Wide range of Capacities
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Easily replaceable blades and rippers.

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