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The Main function of Dehuller is to remove loose hulls either new harvest seeds or in the process of cracked beans or seeds.

The seeds received in the industry will be passed through the Dehuller to remove beans which will be carried over through the thresher.

The Dehuller also used in the processing of various oil seeds to improve the quality and quantity of the protein. The Beans / Seeds are initially cracked and passed through the dehulling machine to reduce the hull content in the Cracked Beans / Seeds.

Features of Dehuller

  • Efficient hull separation
  • Low meat carry over
  • Highly efficient design
  • Wear resistant cyclones for Hulls connection
  • Long life of Screens made from Hard steel
  • Low maintenance

Advantage of Dehulling During Oilseed Processing

  • The Protein content will increase
  • The quality of the protein will increase in case of cotton, sunflower and safflower.
  • The Quality of the extracted oil will be improved
  • The Fiber content will be reduced
  • Nutritional factors and Energy values increased.

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