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Executive Director

Production Head of GOYUM SCREW PRESS

Mr. Rishabh Goyal, Executive Director is responsible for ensuring consistent levels of sales and performance across its Africa Region. GOYUM SCREW PRESS is among the top 10 companies in EURASIA engaged in providing Turnkey Solutions for Edible Oilseeds Processing.

Since, GOYUM is a family owned entity run by Chairman Mr. Vinod Jain, hence all members after completing their academics, are first trained within work premises in all aspects and are then assigned particular department as per individual’s strength.

His main focus area is in finding new markets for Edible Oilseeds Processing Projects.

After completing engineering in Mechanical in 2013, he joined GOYUM to handle marketing in West African and East African Markets. When a new generation enters in family run companies, it brings a new approach.

As family owned companies are resistant to change and stick to low risk markets, GOYUM is different in that aspect which allowed him to put his ideas in practice and luckily most of his ideas worked.

Previously, we were working through our country representatives and extensive internet marketing which was giving good returns, but after 2013, we have been exhibiting at many Local & International Agricultural and Industrial Trade Shows which are held in African Countries as the exposure a company can get in Trade Exhibition is unparallel.

He is also responsible for sales and project execution in North African Markets and procuring projects related to Plastics and Bakery Industry from manufacturers to cater to the growing demand of capital projects in African Countries.

He is fond of travelling to new places, meeting new people and keep on learning from smart people.

Within a short span of 7 years, he has contributed considerably in growth of company and scope of products which can be exported from India.