Solvent Extraction Plant Capacity Ranging from 50 Tonnes to 1000 Tonnes in 24 Hours.
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Solvent Extraction Plant

GOYUM provides Turn Key Solution for Batch & Continuous type Solvent Extraction Plant from 50 to 1000 TONS per day Capacity.

Solvent Extraction Plant
Solvent Extraction Plant

The process in brief constitutes treating the raw material with solvent hexane resulting in a solution of solvent and oil. This solution, known as miscella, is further subjected to distillation and stripping to separate the oil and the solvent. The extracted meal containing solvent is made free from its solvent contents by a process called desolventisation and the solvent in vapor form from distillation, oil stripping and meal desolventisation is condensed in condensers, collected and reused for further extraction.
The following stages are involved in the process of solvent extraction:

  • Preparation of raw material for extraction.
  • Extraction of oil from the pre-processed raw material.
  • Removal of solvent from the extracted material.
  • Distillation of solvent from the miscella.
  • Stripping of Oil to remove traces of solvent.
  • Condensation of all solvent vapours in condensers to receive the solvent for further use.
  • Solvent recovery by absorption from vent air through Chilling section.
  • Bagging of de-oiled meal and filling of finished product oil in containers.

Competitive Advantages

  • Process Flexibility.
  • Border less Potential.
  • Less Utility Consumption.
  • Max. Hexane Recovery.
  • Specially Designed De-Solventazing toaster in order to get best DOC.
  • Easy Maintenance cost F Maximum heat transfer area.

Successfully installed more than 100 projects worldwide.

Installed in Malaysia
Installed in Malaysia
Installed in West Africa
Installed in West Africa