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Solvent Extraction Plant Capacity Ranging from 50 Tonnes to 1000 Tonnes in 24 Hours.
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Solvent Extraction Plant

GOYUM is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of solvent extraction and edible oil production in India and also enjoys a good reputation worldwide. GOYUM provides Turn Key Solution for Batch & Continuous type Solvent Extraction Plant from 50 to 1000 TONS per day capacity. With years of practical experience, GOYUM can always find the most suitable related solvent plant machines and equipment for you. With state-of-the-art technology of solvent extraction, a team of experienced professionals, and skilled labor, we ensure that only superior quality products are provided to our customers at most competitive prices!

Solvent Extraction Plant
Solvent Extraction Plant

Solvent Extraction Process

The process in brief constitutes treating the raw materials with solvent hexane resulting in a solution of solvent and oil. This solution, known as miscella, is further subjected to distillation and stripping to separate the oil and the solvent. The extracted meal containing solvent is made free from its solvent contents by a process called desolventisation and the solvent in vapor form from distillation, oil stripping and meal desolventisation is condensed in condensers, collected and reused for further extraction.

solvent extraction plant process
  • Successfully installed more than 30 projects worldwide.
  • Batch Type Solvent Extraction Plant for Extracting Oil from Spent Earth or any specific material / special purpose feedstock.
  • Continuous Solvent Plant for Oil Extraction from Oil Seeds / Cake.

The entire solvent plant process are divided into the following stages

Oil Seed Preparation

  • Cleaning / Weighing
  • De-stoning
  • Cracking (Roller Mill)
  • De-hulling
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Flaking
  • Expander
  • Palletizing


  • Solvent extraction
  • Desolventiser Toaster
  • Miscella Distillation
  • Stripping for removal of Solvent
  • Solvent ( Hexane) Recovery
  • Recuperation
  • DOC Meal

Why is solvent extraction important?

Improving the economic benefits of your oil mill plant: To extract more oil from palm kernel cake, rice bran cake, cotton seed cake, soybean seed cake, etc. (After extraction process, the oil content in cotton seed cake can reach 1% .) Generally, after the mechanical extraction, the oil-content in the oilcake is about 8–13%, through our solvent plant, you can obtain about 7% more oil.

It is necessary to purchase solvent extraction plant machinery from a reliable manufacturer to ensure the stability of your oil milling workshop, reduce production costs and ensure production safety.

Solvent Extraction Plant Video

View the video below to have a look at the onsite installation and commissioning of one of our project. Welcome to contact us for project details, equipment list, factory layout suggestions and solvent extraction plant cost.

Competitive Advantages

  • Process Flexibility.
  • Border less Potential.
  • Less Utility Consumption.
  • Max. Hexane Recovery.
  • Specially Designed De-Solventazing toaster in order to get best DOC.
  • Easy Maintenance cost
  • Maximum heat transfer area.
Solvent Extraction Plant
Installed in Malaysia
Installed in Malaysia
Solvent Extraction Plant
Installed in West Africa
Installed in West Africa
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