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Oil Expeller Capacity Ranging from 1 Ton - 140 Tonnes Seed Crushing in 24 Hours.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Goyum, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen, we must fulfill our social obligations by means of an over all development of society at large and at the same time we also strive to protect the environment for our future generation.

We strictly follow the global pollution control norms and ensure minimum negative impact on environment and simultaneously, encourage all the stakeholders to environment-friendly practices. Our senior management bestows enormous importance for discharging its overall social responsibilities to the society at large.

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Child Labour

At Goyum, we strongly believe that child labour is a violation of fundamental human rights and we support the voice of international communities to stop child labour. As a responsible corporate citizen, we don’t employ any person, who is below the age of 18 years.

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Towards Environment

We know the Corporate Social Responsibility towards environment. Keeping in mind the same, Goyum Screw Press has taken ISO 14001:2004 Certification. We strongly promote the development and use of sustainable facilities, continuously striving for greener buildings and workplaces.

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