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Filter Press with Pump

We supply a wide range of filter presses, which are designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer life and least maintenance. Available in different sizes and with varied capacities, we can also provide filter press in custom specifications.

Goyum filter presses are available in various sizes to meet the growing needs of chemical and oil mill industry. The plates of the filter presses are so recessed that when two plates are closed together a chamber is formed. Each plate has a hole in the center for feeding oil. Pyramids are formed to increase the filtering area for better filtration.

Tailored filter cloth is places over each plate and fastened at the centre with cast iron nuts. The liquid is pumped into the press and then forced through the cloth to fill inside the chambers of the plates. This collected oil gets out of the plates through the pet cocks provided on the outside at the bottom.

Goyum filter press is provided with plunger pump manufactured according to sizes and number of pistons required. These pumps are fitted with ball bearing for smooth running. Best Quality of check valves are fitted inside. Pumps are supplied with both flat belt and v-belt drive. Double piston plunger pumps are manufactured for higher capacity.

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Filter Press with Pump

Features of Filter Press & Pump

  • Plates of the filter press are tested for casting defects before machining.
  • Grinding process is done on the faces of filter plates to avid leakages at high pressure.
  • MS Flat bars provided at the sides are designed to stand extra weight.
  • Accessories provided with filter press are petcocks, oil tray, one rod and a spanner (for filter cloth nuts).
  • Plunger pump is supplied along with safety valve, air vessel, pressure gauge, pulley, belts & motor (optional)

Technical Data of Filter Press with Pump

SizeWeight of Filter Press(Kgs)Filtration Area (Sq.Mts)Capacity (Litres/Day)H.PNo. Of PistonsSize of Plunger Pump
36″x36″x36 Plates8,0003040,0007.5Double80 mm
36″x36″x30 plates x 29 Frames5,5001825,0007.5Double80 mm
30″x30″x30 Plates4,4001825,0005Single80 mm
24″x24″x24 Plates x 23 Frames3,0001010,0005Double60 mm
24″x24″x30 Plates2,7501512,5005Double60 mm
24″x24″x24 Plates2,3501010,0003Single60 mm
18″x18″x18 Plates1,10045,0002Single40 mm
14″x14″x14 Plates65023,5002Single40 mm
12″x12″x12 Plates3801.525001Single30 mm
Common RPM of Plunger Pumps = 40 to 45
SizeWeight of Filter Press (Kgs)Filtration Area (Sq.Mts)Capacity (Litres/Day)H.PRPM of PumpType of Pump
36″x36″x30 plates x 35 Frames10,0003040,000102900Centrifugal