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Soybean Extruder

Goyum Soybean Extruder reduces the anti-nutritional factor such as trypsin inhibitors, urease and lectins that badly affect the digestive efficiency. Prior to the mechanical extraction of oil, soybean is processed inside the extrude barrel, the soybeans are being compressed, ground and heated that frees the oil by rupturing oil seed cell walls. Due to dry extrusion the fat cells open and as a result fats are easily digested by domestic animal.

soybean extruder
Soybean Extruder

Features of Soybean Extruder

  • Hard faced Screw
  • Steel Fabricated Base & Bodies.
  • Fitted with FAG German Bearings
  • Rigid Compact Design
  • Low Maintenance.


Power-Main Drive Motor Power-Feeder Drive Motor Drive Capacity
125 HP Top Feeder – 2 HP, Side Feeder – 5 HP Single Ribbed Nonslip Belt 20 TPD

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