Oil Expeller Capacity Ranging from 1 Tonne - 140 Tonnes Seed Crushing in 24 Hours.
small oil press
Model : Goyum 10
Capacity : 1 Ton per Day
mini oil expeller
Model : Goyum 20
Capacity : 2 Tons per Day
Round Kettle Oil Expeller
Model : Goyum 60
Capacity : 6 Tons per Day
Oil Processing Machine
Model : Goyum 100
Capacity : 8 Tons per Day
oil extruder machine
Model : Goyum MK-111
Capacity : 10 Tons per Day
oil press machine
Model : Goyum 150
Capacity : 15 Tons per Day
oil extraction machine press
Model : Goyum MK-IV
Capacity : 15 Tons per Day
high capacity oil expeller
Model : Goyum MK-V-C
Capacity : 20 Tons per Day
seed press machine
Model : Goyum 600
Capacity : 80 Tons per Day
triple chamber oil press
Model : Goyum 1500
Capacity : 150 Tons per Day

Goyum is a leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of oil expellers and preparation equipment for the worldwide oilseed industry. We had already been exported oil expeller machines to 51 Countries evenly spread Worldwide. Goyum expellers are well-known for crushing a wide range of edible or non-edible oilseeds such as groundnut, cotton seeds, mustard, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, jatropha seeds, neem seeds, etc. in order to extract oil from them. The company prides itself in partnering with customers to design and supply equipment and systems which best meet their needs.

Oil Expeller are available in the following range:

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