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Oil Expeller Capacity Ranging from 1 Tonne - 140 Tonnes Seed Crushing in 24 Hours.
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Oil Expeller – an Important Equipment of Oil Extraction Plant

Oil expeller, also known as screw oil press machine and it’s the heartbeat and most important oilseeds extraction machine in the whole vegetable oil extraction plant. GOYUM Oil Expeller is suitable for small scale, medium and large scale oil extraction plant.

GOYUM is an ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of oil expeller machines. Our oil mill machinery is characterized by their high oil production rate, highly advanced, easy to use and continuous operation. We offer different types of screw press machines, each model has different capacity and characteristics. For oil machine price enquiry, please feel free to contact us. We will be sure to send you our best offer as soon as possible.

Here are the details of Models, Capacity, and Power of our Oil Expeller Machines:

Various amendments and possible arrangements of the screw presses provide a wide range of solutions for requirements on the extraction process : small capacity for pressing of edible oilseeds to large facilities processing 500 tons daily. Due to the different properties of each oilseed variety, mainly oil content, the technology always needs to be properly adjusted for the particular species, variety, or seed category.

Small Capacity Oil Press / Oil Expeller

Model : GOYUM 10

Crushing Capacity1 Tons per day
Power Required5 H.P

Model : GOYUM 20

Crushing Capacity3 Tons per day
Power Required7.5 H.P
round kettle oil expeller machine manufacturers India

Model : GOYUM 60

Crushing Capacity5-6 Tons per day
Power Required20 H.P


Crushing Capacity8 – 10 Tons per day
Power Required30 H.P


Crushing Capacity15 Tons per day
Power Required40 H.P

Medium Capacity Oil Press / Oil Expeller

Model: GOYUM 150

Crushing Capacity15-20 Tons per day
Power Required40 H.P


Crushing Capacity20 Tons per day
Power Required50 H.P
goyum 240 oilseed expeller for oil pressing

Model : GOYUM 240

Crushing Capacity20-25 Tons per day
Power Required75 H.P

High Capacity Oil Press / Oil Expeller

Model : Goyum 600

Single Crushing Capacity30-35 Tons per day
Pre-Pressing Capacity55-60 Tons per day
Power Required100 H.P

Model : GOYUM 1500

Single Crushing Capacity45-55 Tons per day
Pre-Pressing Crushing Capacity125-150 Tons per day
Power Required170 H.P

Palm Kernel Oil Press

Model : GOYUM 15

Crushing Capacity15 – 17 Tons per day
Power Required60 H.P
goyum 27 palm kernel oil press


Crushing Capacity20 – 22 Tons per day
Power Required75 H.P

Soybean Oil Press / Oil Expeller

Model : GOYUM 150 Without Kettle

Crushing Capacity15-20 Tons per day
Power Required40 H.P
soybean oil press machines

Model : GOYUM 1500 Without Kettle

Single Crushing Capacity45-55 Tons per day
Pre-Pressing Crushing Capacity125-150 Tons per day
Power Required170 H.P

Virgin Coconut Oil Press / Oil Expeller


Crushing Capacity90-110 Kg/hour
Power Required7.5 H.P.

Oil expeller are suitable for extracting oil from various vegetable oilseeds / nuts.

vegetable oil seeds that oil expeller can pressed

Our screw press machines are capable to process a variety of seeds and nuts such as Castor Seeds, Coconut / Copra, Cotton Seeds, Groundnuts / Peanuts / Earthnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Jatropha Seeds, Mustard Seeds / Rapeseeds / Canola Seeds, Neem Seeds, Palm Kernel, Sesame Seeds, Shea Nuts, Soyabean / Soybean, Flax Seeds, Karanja Seeds etc.

Different oilseeds and nuts vary considerably in their characteristics. Seeds of the same kind vary to some extent in their oil content and do vary to a larger degree in their moisture content, all of which require some slight adjustments of treatment in the process of extraction the oil in the screw press. These variations make it impossible to lay down hard and fast rules for the treatment of any seeds and nut.

However, almost all the oilseeds, nuts and kernels go through the normal process of cleaning the seeds, drying seeds, decreasing the size of the seed, seed flaking, cooking and finally tempering.

Oil Expeller Machine Parts

There are different parts of the oil expeller. This includes body, kettle, main shaft, gears, worms, bearings, barrel, cutter, cone and collar. To rotate the cage, the screw shaft is provided with the gear assembly. The following are the parts involved in the manufacture of oil expeller machine.

How Does Oil Expeller Machine Works

The working principle of the oil expeller machine is to forcefully push the oilseeds and nuts through the barrel by the action of the revolving worm. Due to increased pressure of worms, the oil squeezed out from the seeds and turns out through holes. After pressing, the crude oil and oil cake are obtained. Some oilseed cakes or meals have high nutritional and can be used as human food and which aren’t suitable for humans, that oilseed meals serve as the diet of chickens, pigs and cattle.

The process is not entirely a mechanical one because of the variation that occurs in all seeds and nuts. Through the screw press may be fitted correctly to suit any seed or nut, it cannot attain the highest efficiency or extract maximum oil if the material that is fed to it is not in a proper condition for releasing its oil. The proper cooking in the kettle is not merely a matter of heating the material.

Importance of oil expeller while setting up oil extraction plant

While setting up the oil extraction plant, oil expeller is an important machine that determines other parameters such as production capacity, and the quality of produce among other business aspects of production. GOYUM SCREW PRESS has the in-depth technical knowledge, modern technology, advanced skills, experienced professional and invested heavily in research and development of oil extraction machines.

As a result of many years of research, we have designed high-quality oil press machines. High attention has been focused on studying important parameters such as the worms design, cylindrical cage rotating and tapering of the screw. We have come up with a wide range of Screw Oil Press that suits the various needs of the customers and capacity ranging from few Kg/hour to several tonnes/hour.

Oil Expeller modes of operations

There are two modes of an operation mainly for an expeller pressing, first is cold press mode and the second one is hot press mode. The important difference between the oil press mode – with the cold press mode, the oilseed is fed to the machine without preheating while hot press method the oil seeds have to be preheated. Another important difference is the yield of oil and quality of the cake. In cold press mode, the produced cake is of high quality and more valuable. It is not with hot press method because preheating damages the seed cells and increases the oil yield but the result is in poor quality cake production.

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