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Oil Expeller Capacity Ranging from 1 Tonne - 140 Tonnes Seed Crushing in 24 Hours.
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Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

In order to get better palm kernel oil production, we have made a new palm kernel oil expeller with high standards which meets your requirements; and deliver world class performance and reliability for minimum investment.

Our Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine is suitable for pre-pressing and final pressing in medium-scale and large-scale palm kernel oil extraction plant. Our pressing machines are highly advanced in nature and it provides better extraction results.

Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
GOYUM 15 – Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine
GOYUM 27 – Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

Goyum Palm Kernel Oil Expeller is an advance machine, characterized by their continuous operation, high oil output rate and simple design.

Technical Parameter of Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

1st Pressing2nd Pressing
Goyum 1515 – 17 TPD11 – 13 TPD60 / 75 H.P.
Goyum 2720 – 22 TPD15 – 16 TPD75 H.P.

Palm Kernel Oil % in Cake

  • 12-14% Oil Present in Cake after 1st Pressing.
  • Less than 7% oil present in Cake after 2nd Pressing

Working Video of Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Don’t hesitate to enquire for quotation if you are interested in our palm oil processing line.

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