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Seed Preparatory Equipments

Oilseed pretreatment usually means the working processes of taking out impurities from the oil content to make the oilseed in the best position before pressing to extract the most oil. This is the first and most important step during the entire set up of the oil mill plant. This is the part where the seeds are procured, dehulled, cleaned and cooked so that the oil extraction process can be carried out in a more efficient manner, so that the final production or extracted oil is of the highest quality.

Organic impurities : such as stem leaf, cord, chemical fibers, velveteen and their seeds

Inorganic impurities : such as soil and metal, about oil-bearing impurities.

Cleaning: Remove leaves, sticks, stones, sand, dirt and metal contaminants. This process is usually referred to cleaning and scaling equipment including strainers, planners, peeling machines, magnetic tools and belt conveyors, etc.

Dehulling: Most oilseeds need to remove abrasive shells before oil is extracted, as the oil content of the shell and hull is less than 1%. In addition, shelling can not only improve the efficiency of oil extraction equipment, increase the efficiency of oil production, but also reduce the wear of the oil expeller. Dehuller is commonly used in this process.

Crushing and Flaking: Most oilseeds require size reduction before oil extraction. Crushers and flakers are used in this process. Some small seeds, such as corn germ, rapeseed and canola, do not need to be grounded.

Cooking: Heating the seeds is an option, but not required. This can increase the efficiency of extraction and protein availability.

Extruding: Through extruder, the oil-pressure material will be expanded due to sudden pressure-relief, meanwhile the steam in the material suddenly evaporates, so the material Is created in a subtle way. Structure and extended to irregular particles.