Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant

Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant

As an expert in manufacturing palm kernel oil mill machinery and full scale production plants, GOYUM-INDIA is your reliable choice for starting an oil extraction business. We can offer Small scale to large Industrial scale Palm Kernel Oil Production Plant ranging from 15 TPD to 500 TPD.

Our Palm Kernel Presses are successfully running in Liberia, Nigeria, Panama, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Honduras and Colombia.

Major Palm kernel producing countries are – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Côte D’ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana & Congo.

Our Installation : Complete Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant

palm kernel oil mill plant

Complete Turnkey Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant Installed in Latin America

We have built a comprehensive business pattern which includes:

  • Turnkey Solutions with Customised Business Plan.
  • Equipment Designing and Manufacturing.
  • Factory Layout Design.
  • Installation and Commissioning.
  • Technical Training and All Around After Services.

Feel free to inquire for detailed information about the Palm Kernel oil milling plant and oil mill machinery. Tell us your capacity requirement, our professional engineer will help you.

Working Video of Palm Kernel Oil Mill Machinery

Machinery & Equipment required to setup a Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant

Here we have listed some of the basic machinery required to set up Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant

Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant Process

In the Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant, the kernel undergoes the following steps: Seed Cleaning, Oil Extraction, Filtration & Oil Storage.

Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart
palm kernel mechanical pressing in oil mill plant flowchart

Seed Cleaner

The Seed Cleaner is used to clean off foreign materials from palm kernels that may cause damage to the screw-presses, also increasing maintenance costs and down time, and contamination of products.

We provide both Rotary & Multi-deck vibrating type Seed Cleaner complete with Aspiration System and dust collection box.

Oil Expeller / Oil Press

Palm kernels contain 45 – 50% oil content. To achieve maximum oil yield, it requires 2 stage pressing.

The residual meal / cake obtained from the 1st pressing is transferred to the 2nd screw press for final crushing.

After a 2 stage pressing, a residual oil of less than 7% is left in the Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) which is primarily used in making Pig Feed.

The Oil & Foots collected from the first and second stage pressing are transported to the crude oil filtering section.

Working Principle of Palm Kernel Oil Press

The cleaned kernel is fed to the screw-press. Screw Press have an interrupted helical worm, which rotates within a perforated cylinder called the Press Cage. The kernel is forced through the barrel by the action of the revolving worms. The volume axially displaced by the worm decreases from the feeding end to the discharge end, thus compressing the meal as it passes through the Press Cage. The expelled oil drains through the perforation of the Cage bars of the Press Cage, while the de-oiled cake is discharged through the cone end.

Filter Press with Pump

The expelled oil contains a certain amount of foots and fines that need to be removed. Filter press is used to separate the foots from the expelled oil.

We Offer Plate type / Plate & Frame type Filter Presses. The plates are made from Cast Iron, Stainless Steel or Polypropylene material. We can also provide Hydraulic Pull back systems for ease of operation & maintenance.

Bucket Elevator

If the palm kernel needs to be moved vertically, a bucket elevator is the ideal solution for the job. In fact, the versatility and configurability of this equipment make bucket elevators a common bulk material handling equipment in palm oil factories.

We offer a well designed Chain & Belt Type Bucket Elevator manufactured with MS or SS Material. The Buckets can be either of MS, SS or Nylon material.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is a common material handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful for transport of heavy or bulky materials.

Screw conveyor, MS or SS construction, U-trough type casing with top cover, screw flight welded to pipe and with necessary shaft, hanger bearings etc. complete with drive and all necessary accessories.

Control Panel

control panel to start palm kernel oil mill machinery & equipment

A Control Panel is an assembly to control all the electric motors from a central location. It consists of multiple enclosed sections having a common power bus and with each section containing a combination starter, which in turn consists of motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker, and power disconnect. It also includes push buttons, indicator lights, variable-frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, and metering equipment.

Cost for Setting up a Complete Palm Kernel Oil Mill?

The palm Kernel processing plant cost will vary depending on several factors. Each of these factors could have major effects on cost:

  • What is your input material ?? Is it Palm Nuts ?? or Palm Kernels ??
  • What is the required Palm Kernel Processing Capacity in tons of seed per hour (TPH)?
  • How much Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) do you want to produce per day?
  • What do you want to produce? crude palm Kernel oil or refined palm kernel oil?

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Are You Looking to Start a New Palm Kernel Oil Production Plant or Further Expansion?

The Palm Kernel Oil Production Line offered by GOYUM is robust, versatile, reliable and efficient. This Palm Kernel Oil Production Plant is based on practically proven technology which is not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also economical.

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