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Canola (Rapeseed) Oil Processing Plant – Process, Machinery, Cost & Benefits

GOYUM is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Canola Oil Seed Processing Plant & Equipment. GOYUM provides plants with different capacities and functions ideal for Canola Oil Production. Welcome to contact us if you want more information on oil machines & equipment, or complete Canola Oil Extraction Plants. We’d like to hear from you!

Canola (Rapeseed) Oil Extraction Plant with machinery
Canola (Rapeseed) Oil Extraction Plant

The major producers of Canola oil seeds are the European Union, Canada, China, India, and Australia. The Canola (and Rapeseed) oil is the 3rd leading source of vegetable oil, after soybean and palm oil. The global production volume of Rapeseed oil has risen steadily over the last several years now there are still investors who want to enter the Canola Oil Manufacturing industry.

Canola Oil Extraction Plant Process

For processing Canola seed, the basic equipment we need are Seed Cleaner, Seed Cooker/Kettle, Oil Press, Filter Press, Steam Boiler, Screw Conveyors & Bucket Elevators.

The following are steps involved in Canola Oil Extraction Plant:

Step 1. Seed Cleaning

Canola Seeds are separated and cleaned to remove impurities such as dust, metal, plant stalks. The cleaning process can reduce equipment friction, ensure safe operation, reduce oil loss, improves life of wear parts, increase oil yield and improve oil and meal quality.

Step 2. Seed Cooking

The principle object of hear treatment is to:

  • Adjust the moisture content of the meal to and optimum level;
  • Easy Rupture cell walls;
  • Reduce viscosity of oil;
  • Coagulate the protein in the meal to facilitate separation of the oil from protein

Step 3. Canola Oil Pressing

There are mainly two methods for extracting Canola oil, one is Mechanical Press and second is Solvent Extraction. In Mechanical Press, Canola oilseeds are pressed in a series of Screw Presses / Expellers. This process uses no chemical and leaves about 5-7% oil in the residual Cake/Meal. This pressed cake can be subjected to Solvent Extraction for further Oil Extraction.

Step 4. Solvent Extraction

In recent years, the Solvent Extraction method has developed rapidly, which is based on the Solvent Extraction principle and can significantly increase the yield of oil. Prior to Solvent Extraction, the seeds are subjected to pre-pressing unit which includes Cleaning, Flaking, Steam Cooking/Conditioning, Pre-pressing. The pre-pressed cake/meal containing about 15% to 18% oil is then processed by Solvent Extraction to bring down residual oil content to less than 1.5%.

The combined oil yield of the pre-pressing and solvent extraction method is much higher than the mechanical extraction method, but the Canola oil produced by the pre-pressing and solvent extraction contains lipid peroxide, colloid and isothiocyanate that can affect the taste and quality of the oil.

To improve the oil yield, Canola oil pressing should adopt higher pressures and steam cooking temperatures. The GOYUM screw presses are made with advanced technology that is quite suitable for the processing of Canola seed.

Meanwhile, we also provide a Canola oil extraction plant that extracts oil from the Canola oilseeds & oilcake by solvent for medium and large scale oil production. Our Canola oil processing equipment can be customised according to your requirement.

Step 5. Canola Oil Filtration

The extracted Canola oil contain suspended solids (foots) that need to be removed. The oil and foots are transferred to Vibro Separator or Screening Tank for preliminary separation of foots. This Pre-cleaned oil is sent to filter press or vertical pressure leaf filter for final filtration to get filtered canola oil.

Step 6. Canola Oil Refining

The crude Canola oil contains undesirable substances like phospholipids, free fatty acids, sterols, waxes, oxidation products, water, aromatic compounds, pigments, etc. which adversely affect the quality and durability of oil. The crude oil is subjected to a refining process that involves Degumming, Neutralization & Water Washing, Bleaching, Winterization / Dewaxing Plant, Deodorization to make it fit for human consumption.

If you feel interested in canola oil processing plant or you are intending to set up a canola oil plant, please contact us in the following form, we offer professional manufacturer of canola oil extraction plant and related oil processing machines.

How Much Does a Canola Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost

The cost will vary depends on several factors. Each of these factors could have major effects on plant costs:

  • What is the required Processing Capacity in tons of seed per hour(TPH)?
  • How much Canola oil do you want to produce per day?
  • What is the moisture content of the Canola oilseeds?
  • You want to go with mechanical or solvent extraction process
  • What do you want to produce? crude oil or refined edible oil?

There is smaller standard extraction plant that can be purchased & installed easily, but for larger, a custom plant design may be required. The cost of custom plant will mainly be determinate by how large and complicated the process design is. Increased process steps mean more equipment, design work and fabrication time required.

Feel free to contact us for further discussion and get detailed information about our oil extraction projects.

Invest In Oil Manufacturing Business

You can start Rapeseed oil manufacturing business on a small-scale, medium-scale industry and large-scale industry.

Small-scale canola oil industry : 5 to 20 metric tons of oil is extracted every day in oil extracting mills.

Medium-scale canola oil industry : 20 to 50 metric tons of oil is extracted every day in oil extracting mills.

Large-scale canola oil industry : More than 50 metric tons of oil is extracted every day in oil extracting mills.

Benefits of Setting up Canola Oil Production Plants

  • There is a conservative belief that large amounts of money are needed to start an oil plant. This is not the case with small-scale oil extraction plants. You can start this business from a two-room building with a small budget. The business demands very little investment as the machinery is very inexpensive and you can install it in a very small two-room building. A small oil plant is a very profitable opportunity for startup entrepreneurs.
  • Financial independence is probably the most important reason you get in the oil processing business. And that’s great! Everyone wants financial freedom. However, you explain financial freedom – unlimited cash, old age security and the ability to buy whatever you want.
  • It is very pleasant to be famous for making something. Your fellow citizens may start referring to oilmen or marketing giants or anything. It hardly matters what you’re recognized for, it’s great to build your own brand and earn recognition.

Top Canola/Rapeseed Producing Countries

In 2019, Canada, European Union, China, India, and Australia were the top five countries in rapeseed production. Canada alone produced more than 19 million tons of rapeseed.

The World’s Top Canola Producing Countries

How much canola are processing into oil worldwide? These tables break down current data for total processing oil production.

Rank Country (Year of Estimate: 2019) Canola/Rapeseed Oil Production, mln t
1 Canada 19,0
2 China 13,1
3 India 7,7
4 France 3,6
5 Ukraine 3,3
6 Germany 3,0
7 Poland 2,3
8 Australia 2,3
9 Russia 2,1
10 UK 1,8

Source : Latifundist.com

Value Of The Crop

Crop production is increasing in many countries over soy beans. A major obstacle to its adoption is the limited use of leftover seed food after extracting oil. Glucosinolates limit its use for animal feeds due to adverse negative effects.

Health Benefit of Canola Oil

Canola oil is produced from canola seeds. It includes various types of nutrition and contains less uric acid. This natural oil is used for various purposes ranging from weight loss, health improvement, beauty tips. Many people are using canola oil as a cooking oil as well as natural and safe ingredient for hair care and skin care. Recent research suggests that canola oil may help reduce abdominal fat, which can also improve metabolic syndrome, a condition that increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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