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120 TPD Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant installed in Nigeria

120 TPD Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant installed in Nigeria

This is a large scale palm kernel oil processing project set up in Nigeria. The production capacity is 120 tons per day. It is a complete plant including Seed Cleaner, GOYUM 27 – Screw Oil Press, Material Handling Equipment, Screening Tank, Oil Filter Press Machines and Control Panel.

Below are a few glimpses of the PKO Plant. If you are interested in knowing more about palm kernel oil processing or would like to get a customized business plan, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be always glad to serve you !!

palm kernel oil Processing plant
palm oil Processing plant

GOYUM is the leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of palm kernel oil processing machines and equipment in and from India, enjoying a good reputation across the world. We can offer from small to large scale business plans and turn-key project services. With advanced technology, experienced engineer team, and decades of experience, we ensure you superior quality equipment at a competitive price !! Made in India Product.

Technical Process of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Factory

Seed Cleaning

Palm Kernels contain foreign impurities including sand, stones, and other undesirable materials. These Impurities are removed by the use of seed cleaner.

Oil Extraction

The palm kernel is fed to the screw press. The palm kernel is forced through the barrel by the action of the revolving worms. The expelled oil drains through the perforation of the lining bars of the barrel, while the oilcake is discharged through an outlet of the oil press.

Oil Clarification & Filtration

The expelled oil contains a certain quantity of suspended solid ( foots ) that need to be removed. This mixture of oil & foots is transferred to an underground foots screening tank. This tank automatically separates the larger foots and recycles it uniformly back to the press.

This precleaned oil is then pumped to a filter press to remove the remaining solids in order to produce clear oil prior to storage.

Are You Looking to Start a New Palm Oil Production Line or Further Expansion?

The Palm Oil Production Plant offered by GOYUM is robust, versatile, reliable, and efficient. This Palm Oil Production Plant is based on practically proven technology which is not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also economical.

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