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A Customer of Canada Ordered A Batch Of Rapeseed Oil Expellers

Recently, Five sets of rapeseed oil expeller were sold at factory price. This batch of Screw oil expeller is mainly made for processing rapeseed oil. Along with these five sets of expellers, he also ordered a set of frame type filter presses and a number of spare parts for the oil press.

Looking for machines to extract oil from rapeseeds? or Planning to start a rapeseed oil extraction business? GOYUM is here to provide you with the best equipment and processing solutions. Goyum is the world largest manufacturer and exporter of rapeseed oil presses and other edible oil machines. Contact us to get Instant Pricing Quotes.

How is rapeseed oil made?

Each ton of rapeseed supplies about 400-450 kg of oil. Rapeseed oil is extracted in two ways. The first is the mechanical extraction of rapeseed and the second is the hexane extraction of the remaining oil in the press-cake. The oil extraction process is basically as follows: seed cleaning, pre-conditioning, pressing to extract a portion of oil, solvent extraction of press cake to pick up the remaining oil, edible oil refining to improve the flavour, odour, colour and stability and final processing of oil.

Why GOYUM Screw Oil Press Machines are Superior?

1. Perfect Structure, Simple Control and Durable Service:

The oil expeller features a compact structure, high capacity, little floor-space occupation, durable service and easy operation. Feeding volume, oil yield process and cake thickness can be easily detected at a first glance.

Their regulations, if necessary, can be satisfactorily made only by adding feeding and cone setting levers regulating the lever. All reduction gears operate in oil and the entire surfaces of gear teeth are hardened by heat treatment.

The worm shaft (or main shaft) of the oil expeller is made of high quality cast iron or alloy steel, thus ensuring a longer service life. The pressing worms and cage bars in the bar cage are also carburized, they are wearable and durable.

2. Combined Kettle / Cooker:

The oil press machine is provided with a kettle, which is fed into the pressing cage, according to the need to heat different seeds to extract high-quality oil. The first may heat the above oil-bearing seeds to an optimum temperature.

3. Automatic and Continuous Operation:

The raw material (oilseed) is fed through the inlet opening at every stage of the steaming kettle and then slowly heated and shaken by the stirrer, blade from one stage to another.

After being pushed out of the outlet of the bottom stage, it falls into the feed head and is transported to the pressing cage to be compressed by different sections of the feeding worm.

The extracted oil flows through gaps between cage bars into the oil screw conveyor and thence to an oil reservoir, whereas the cake is discharged at the rear of the machine.

All this shows that the entire process of oil extraction, starting from feeding, steaming, heating up to the discharge of oil and cake, is fully automated and continuous. Therefore, once the amount, temperature and moisture of seeds and thickness of cake are set, the operator only needs to inspect the feed of the indicator, steam pressure gauge and ammeter and make adjustments when needed, thus reducing the need for supervision and great labour savings.

If you are looking for the high quality and cost-effective rapeseed oil making machine for starting your own oil extraction business, you are in the right place! GOYUM should be your BEST Choice. GOYUM is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of edible oil pressing line and refinery equipment. Contact us to get Instant Pricing Quotes.

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