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Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine

With great reputation in the field of seed oil making, we can offer the most suitable solution for both small and full scale vegetable oil production business. You can rely on both the quality of machinery and the services offered.

Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine

Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds. It is enriched with large amounts of vitamin E and lecithin. In this, the amount of saturated fatty acids is low whereas poly in unsalted fatty acids are high.

Sunflower seed oil extraction machine is an oil making machine that helps extract sunflower oil form the sunflower seeds for commercial and biofuel purposes. The screw type sunflower seed oil extraction machine consists of: Feeder, Gear box, Pressing cage, Machine stand, Pressing chamber, Screw shaft

The working principle of screw type extraction machine is based upon screw driven machine work that uses the screw shaft for rotation. It consist of various types of screw which rotates the machine centrifugally to push the material inside the pressing chamber.

Below are the Technical Details about our Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine

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