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Mustard Seed Oil Expeller

Goyum is world largest manufacturer of oil mill equipments, currently involved in designing, manufacturing and delivering an advanced range of mustard seed oil expeller machines. We work with modern techniques and high-quality permitted materials to make oil extraction machine in accordance with the standards of industry. Our oil pressing machines are created for multi-purpose, not just merely to extract canola seed but various other vegetable oilseeds too. In addition, our customers have the advantage and benefit to modify these expellers according to their oil materials.

mustard seed oil expeller

Owners of many small and medium factories of mustard oil are facing many challenges with traditional processing techniques. Speed ​​and efficiency have been major challenges. Advances in technology have seen significant developments aimed at cutting costs and making the process much more profitable. You are facing these challenges with your approach to processing mustard oil. The good news is that now you can solve these challenges with ease thanks to the new technology of using mustard oil press machines. Unlike traditional oil presses, this equipment can greatly simplify oil processing and save costs by reducing the labor required for the process.

Technical Details about some of our Mustard Seed Oil Expeller:

Machines come in various models and capacities. As you scout around you will find a machine that suits you perfectly for your mustard oil processing capabilities. Capacities vary from 5 TPD to 20 TPD or you can go for larger models that have a higher clearance capacity from 25 TPD to 150 TPD. All models also differ in weight and dimensions. The size of your physical processing location will also determine the size of the machine that is best suited for you.

ItemCapacityPower (KW)LengthBreadthHeight
GOYUM 605 – 6 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 20 H.P2900 MM960 MM2150 MM
GOYUM 1008 – 10 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 20 H.P2175 MM1200 MM2200 MM
GOYUM MK-III8 – 10 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2600 MM1650 MM2650 MM
GOYUM 15015 – 20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2640 MM1396 MM3700 MM
GOYUM MK-IV15 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P2640 MM1940 MM2743 MM
GOYUM MK-V-C20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P3550 MM1300 MM3600 MM
GOYUM 24022 – 25 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 75 H.P3090 MM1140 MM2318 MM
GOYUM 60080 Tonnes In 24 Hours3-Phase 170 H.P4100 MM1170 MM1850 MM
GOYUM 1500140 to 150 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 170 H.P5500 MM1380 MM1980 MM

Advantages of the Mustard Oil Expeller Machine

  • Being electrically controlled, you will find it very safe and easy to control. Thus you should not worry about your safety and your employees safety.
  • You will increase your profits considerably by saving on unnecessary labor costs.
  • Unlike traditional procedures, where you have to break down due to employee fatigue, with this equipment you can continuously extract oil and thus maximize your operation.
  • You enjoy a high rate of oil extraction.
  • Your oil cake will be of much better quality.
  • Low noise compared to traditional extraction machine
  • Low Maintenance.

If you are planning to start the business of mustard oil mill plant and want to buy quality and mustard oil extraction machine for the production of small to large sized mustard oil factory, then you are in the right place. This will be very helpful if you tell us your capacity needs and cost plan while inquiring! So that we can suggest the most suitable oil mill machines & equipment based on your specific requirement.