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Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant

GOYUM is a leading manufacturer of Castor Seed Oil Mill Machinery. We are experienced in turnkey Castor Seed Oil Extraction Plants. Our machines are working successfully in over 55 countries.

Major Castor Seed producing countries are Brazil, India and Argentina. Other countries growing Castor include Indonesia, Indo-China, Madagascar, Angola and Mozambique. During the Second World War the crop was also developed in Mexico and Japan.

Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant

If you want to get detailed information about our castor seed oil extraction machines, don’t hesitate to tell us your plan and requirements. We will give you the reply to your inquiry as fast as we get your email. Just remember that GOYUM is always at your service!

Machinery & Equipment required to Setup Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant

Here we have listed some of the basic machinery required to start a oil extraction factory including :

  • Seed Cleaner
  • Decorticator (Optional)
  • Cooker Kettle / Conditioner
  • Oil Expeller / Oil Press
  • Filter Press With Pump
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Screw Conveyor
  • MCC/Control Panel

Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant Process

In the castor seed oil mill, the seed undergoes the following steps: seed cleaning, seed cooking, oil extraction, oil clarification, oil storage and filling.

Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart
Castor Seed Oil Extraction Plant Process

Seed Cleaner

castor seed cleaner

After the hull is removed from the seed. The castor seeds had some foreign materials and dirt which was separated by Seed Cleaner.

We offer a large assortment of reliable multi-deck seed cleaners, which is manufactured from the high grade quality raw materials. We are well reckoned as the most preeminent seed cleaner manufacturer and one of the supreme seed cleaning machine suppliers from India.

Oil Expeller With Cooking Kettle

Castor Seeds obtained after the Cleaning process can be used as a raw material for Castor Oil Press.

Castor seeds contain 45 – 50 % oil content. After two stage pressing, about 8 % residual oil is left in the oilcake/meal.

The castor seeds are conditioned using Steam in a Cooking Kettle. This process helps condition the seed, reduce moisture content, kills molds and insects. Due to cooking, the oil droplets in the seeds come together and also the cell wall is broken, this results in improved oil yield and low power consumption.

A continuous screw press is used to extract the oil. The castor seed passes through the machine where the screw shaft is rotated in the parallel direction and crushing the seeds. The pressure of the expeller screws ruptures the oilseeds and oil flows through the slots provided. The oil extraction machine consists of different parts. It mainly consists of body, hopper, main shaft and gear assembly. The screw shaft is provided with gear assembly to rotate in the cage.

Reaction Vessel

In Reaction Vessel, the castor oil is heated by steam heating coils up to 60 – 70oC followed by open steam injection to increase moisture content with continuous Agitation allowing the temperature to reach 100 – 110 oC. This kick starts the Water Hydrolysis reaction which makes the sludge to coagulate resulting in the formation of a heavy phase. This coagulated sludge is allowed to settle down in the Reaction Vessel from where it is collected into the Sludge Pans.

Cylindrical Vessel with Open top & Conical Bottom in MS Construction with Steam Heating Coil & Open Steam Injection Arrangement with adequate surface area, with agitator assembly, Geared motor etc. for Conditioning & Degumming Raw Castor Oil to produce Commercial Grade Castor Oil.

Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler is a closed vessel, generally used for generating steam. The steam produced through a pipe line system. Steam pressure is controlled and regulated with the help of steam pressure gauges.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is used to transport or elevate raw materials from one place to another place quickly and easily.

We offer bucket elevators that are robust, economical and resistant to abrasion and can be designed to be dustless and able to handle materials.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are used to convey castor seeds / oilmeal from almost any position.

GOYUM screw conveyor systems are tailor-made for many types of product processing in many types of markets. High manufacturing quality coupled with GOYUM’s commitment to high standards of production ensures a high-quality experience for its customers – to deliver the final product through initial consultation.

Control Panel

control panel to start castor oil mill machinery & equipment

A Control Panel is a purpose built suite of floor standing enclosures, that contains power and control equipment for the operation of plant motors.

We have managed to attain a commendable position in this domain by manufacturing Motor Control Center as per the specifications detailed by our customers at industry leading prices.

Cost for Setting up a Complete Castor Seed Oil Mill?

The Castor Seed processing plant cost will vary depending on several factors. Each of these factors could have major effects on cost:

  • What is the required Processing Capacity in tons of seed per hour (TPH)?
  • How much Castor Oil do you want to produce per day?
  • Which grade of Castor Oil do you want to produce? Commercial Grade? Or BSS Grade Castor Oil?

Are You Looking to Start a New Castor Seed Oil Production Line or Further Expansion?

The Castor Seed Oil Production Plant offered by GOYUM is robust, versatile, reliable and efficient. This Castor Seed Oil Production Plant is based on practically proven technology which is not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also economical.

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