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Mini Oil Mill Plant for Self Employment

With the improvement in the human economic level, the consumption of edible oil is increasing year after year. That’s why people have to think of setting up a mini oil mill plant that can’t only meet your daily oil consumption, but also fulfil regional markets and earn money as well. If the answer is yes, then you have found the right place!

mini oil mill machines and equipment with layout design

What is Mini Oil Mill?

Mini Oil Mill means a small capacity oil processing plant or even a small assembly line to meet the local market. Generally, the mini oil mill combines a series of machines together to increase the production, to achieve high oil yield and to improve the job security of workers. The whole line is easy to install, operate and commission.

The mini scale oil processing unit can process many varieties of oil seeds, such as peanut, coconuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, palm kernels, sesame, mustard, rapeseeds, corn seeds, etc. The mini oil mill needs very little investment but high returns, It’s really your ideal choice to start your oil manufacturing business.(Related post: How to start mustard oil production business)

What Are the Main Equipments of Mini Oil Mill?

Different oil processing equipment will be used according to different seeds, nuts and kernel that you are going to process. However, the oil expeller machine has an important role in the entire oil production plant, no matter what raw material, the oil expeller machine is mandatory, you can choose a screw oil press and a filter press machine with different capacity. If you are making groundnuts oil, you can choose a groundnut cracker, while you are making soybean oil, then you should keep the soya bean extruder in your mind.

Just select your raw material for extraction, tell us your production capacity, trust Goyum equipment and expertise, we will customize an oil production line that will meet your oil needs.

Screw Oil Expeller

The screw oil expeller is the main extracting machine in mini oil mills. This is a mechanical method for extracting oil from raw materials. Different model screw expellers will be used according to different capacities and oilseeds which you are going to process.


Cooker or oilseed roasting machine is always being used to warm up the oilseeds before extracting. Each crop material has its most suitable crushing temperature, so before pressing adjust the temperature and water content of cooker that will obviously increase oil production.

Filter Press

After pressing, the filter press is being used to purify raw vegetable oils, the filtering machine uses a fine-mesh filtering cloth, which is especially useful in biodiesel oil refinement.

The Pressing Section of the Mini Oil Mill

Pressing is one of the most important processes in the whole oil mill plant. After a series pretreatment for oilseeds, the raw material could be sent to the pressing workshop to extract oil from seeds and nuts.

The mini oil mill usually connects a serious oil mill machinery and equipment such as screw elevator, screw oil expeller, cleaning machine, filter press together to continuous oil extraction.

The small scale oil mill unit has a lot of advantages, for example, less land space, little investment, labour-saving and wide application for vegetable seeds and nuts.

The Refining Part of the Mini Oil Mill

Oil refinery means a series of refining processes to remove FFA, gums, waxes, phospholipids and free fatty acid (F. F.A.), pigment, off-flavour and other impurities in the oil to make it purifier for edible uses. Degumming, Neutralizing, Decolorizing, Deodorizing, Dewaxing are the main process of the refining part, but which one is necessary to depend on the capacity and raw material you choose. (Related Information: Edible Oil Refinery Plant)

About Goyum Screw Press

As one of the best manufacturer and supplier in the field of oil and fat industry around the world, GOYUM is will be your ideal choice to start your mini oil mill business!

We manufacturer oil processing machinery like screw oil press, automatic oil press, cooker, plate filter press, extruding machine, cleaning sieve, shelling equipment, just to name a few. All of our machines are CE certificated, they are quality guaranteed and stand wear and tear.

GOYUM also offers a complete set of turnkey oil mill projects with capacity ranges from 1tpd to 150tpd, Tell us your oil making need and we will design and set up for you!

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