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Jatropha Seed Oil Expeller Machine

Mechanical oil pressing is a continuous extraction method. It produces a large amount of oil from the Jatropha seeds. Due of its higher yield in the extraction process, the screw press is considered a continuous process.

We constantly design and manufacturing of Jatropha screw press for the production of Jatropha oil ( biodiesel ) by continuous method. The present screw presses is driven by an electric motor which is supported with a gearbox to reduce its rotational speed. Kettle are used to preheated Jatropha seeds and a temperature gauge is used for temperature control.

Jatropha oil is non-edible in nature and is the best of its attractive points which is used in the form of substitute energy source and fuel. Jatropha plant is a multipurpose shrub which belongs to the Euphorbiaceae group, but it is growing best in tropic and sub-tropic parts in Africa and Asia.

Jatropha oil is not fit for human consumption. This is because it promotes severe diarrhea and vomiting and can cause other serious side effects. Jatropha oil can be converted to biodiesel by using transesterification process, or as oil directly in diesel engines or burners, also be used as a jet fuel, especially for modern design and developed airplanes.

Below are the Technical Details about our Cottonseed Oil Expeller machine:

ItemCapacityPower (KW)LengthBreadthHeight
GOYUM 605 – 6 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 20 H.P2900 MM960 MM2150 MM
GOYUM 1008 – 10 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 20 H.P2175 MM1200 MM2200 MM
GOYUM MK-III8 – 10 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2600 MM1650 MM2650 MM
GOYUM MK-15015 – 20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2640 MM1396 MM3700 MM
GOYUM MK-IV15 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P2640 MM1940 MM2743 MM
GOYUM MK-V-C20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P3550 MM1300 MM3600 MM
GOYUM 24022 – 25 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 75 H.P3090 MM1140 MM2318 MM
GOYUM 60080 Tonnes In 24 Hours3-Phase 170 H.P4100 MM1170 MM1850 MM
GOYUM 1500140 to 150 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 170 H.P5500 MM1380 MM1980 MM

If you are looking for a reliable Jatropha Seed Oil Expeller Machine, it is important to consider the features including the output volume of the machine. Contact us if you feel interested in our oil mill machinery or want to known the cost of the equipment!