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60 TPD Multi Seed Oil Processing Plant with Extruder installed in Ethiopia

60 TPD Multi Seed Oil Processing Plant with Extruder installed in Ethiopia

A set of Multi Seed oil Processing plant was installed in Ethiopia recently having an input capacity of 60 tons per day. This soya oil plant includes a series of oilseeds processing equipment, such as an Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Seed Cleaner, De-stoner, Seed Cracker, Soybean Extruder and Screw Press to extract Oil & High-Protein Soymeal. Along with the oil Processing unit, our client also bought some spare parts for the Oil press & Extruders.

If you are planning to set up an oil manufacturing business, you are welcome to tell us your raw material, cost budget and other requirements, we can offer detailed solutions.

Photo Display: Soybean Oil Processing Machine & Plant

soybean oil processing factory design
soybean oil mill plant installation picture

Do you know how to extract 60 tons of soybeans a day? We do, we have the answers & ready solution, so let’s get started!

Soybean is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. People are using it for about 4000 years. Soybean is a highly valuable raw material for animal feed & food production. It contains up to 42% protein and up to 20% oil. However, soy needs special processing, the reason being anti-nutritional substances. Soybean is processed for different purposes and by different technologies.

Soybean Oil Processing Process

We offer successful and effective soybean processing technology. It starts with the preparation of raw materials.

STEP No 1. Soybean Cleaning, De-stoning & Cracking

The soybeans are cleaned of impurities followed by De-stoning to remove stones. These clean De-stoned Soybeans are fed to the Cracker. Here the beans are compressed between a pair of rollers resulting in the breaking of the soy kernels into several parts.

This process improves the efficiency of Extruder process and also the oil yield in the Screw Press.

STEP No 2. Processing Soybean in the Extruder

With the help of the screw conveyor, the raw material moves along the working member of the extruder. The soybean kernel transforms in less than 30 seconds. Under maximum pressure and high-temperature, harmful substances and microorganisms are destroyed. At the same time, the protein and fat do not lose their properties due to the short time cooking the product. The product obtained is extruded fatty soybeans. Through the conveyor, the fatty soybeans are supplied to the oil press.

STEP No 3. Mechanical Oil Extraction in the Oil Press

The product moves through the press chamber being squeezed and pressed again. Under the action of pressure, the oil is squeezed into the micro-rows of the chamber and collected in the container. We also obtain soybean oilcake with an oil content of 5-6% and temperature of 120-130˚С.

Step No 4. Expelled Oil Filtration in the Filter Press

Typically, oil is extracted from the raw material using a screw press. This oil is impure and contains many free-floating particles. To remove these impurities, often referred to as “foots”, the oil is run through an oil filter press. The oil filter press will separate impurities from the oil.

STEP No.5. Cooling the Soymeal

The High Protein Oil cake (Soymeal) is fed in the Meal Cooler. The Drum of Meal Cooler makes the Soymeal tumble as it rotates and progresses the oil cake down to the discharge section. The fan creates a flow of air through the raw material heat exchange occurs between the cold air hot oil cake after the old cake has been discharged in the cooler its temperature is 10 to 15 degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

No chemical solvent extractions, just mechanical oil squeezing, high protein fatty soya and soya pomace! Finally, I want to remember that high temperature and short extrusion time is the secret of correct soy processing. Use our technology! Because it is of good quality and accessible! Thanks for seeing it!

What is the cost of setting up a soybean oil extraction factory?

Referring to the cost of investment for setting up a soybean oil processing factory, you should address the following questions:

  • Do you want to make crude soybean oil or refined soybean oil?
  • How many soybeans do you want to process per hour or how much crude oil or refined oil do you want to get per hour?

Answers to the above two questions will greatly affect the cost of equipment. In addition, some special requirements may also be a factor in the quality of the final product.

Soybean Oil Production by Country

worldwide map which present soybean oil production countries wise

Are You Looking to Start a New Multi Seed Oil Production Line or Further Expansion?

The Multi Seed Oil Production Line offered by GOYUM is robust, versatile, reliable and efficient. This Multi Seed Oil Production Line is based on practically proven technology which is not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also economical.

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