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Shea Nuts Oil Expeller Machine

We are manufacturer a large number of shea nut oil expeller machines including small scale oil extracting to large scale oil extracting for sheanuts. We have helped numerous customers to set up their own vegetable oil business and oil mill plant. Contact us if your are interested in establishing shea nut oil mill plant or any other vegetable seeds and nuts.

Sheanut Oil Expeller Machine

The screw presses come in different size and shapes even for the small-scale to large-scale producers. The oil mill factory encourages self-employment as more jobs are generated. Farmers are able to use by-products of their shea nut production to use.

Shea oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the shea tree. It is an important source of fat in food and cosmetics. Although the shea oil can be marketed both locally and internationally, the demand for export products worldwide is increasing.

Below are the Technical Details about our Shea Nuts Oil Expeller machine:

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