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200 TPD Turnkey Soybean Oil Processing Plant

The soybean, also called soyabean, widely cultivated commercial field crops grown in USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Uruguay, Ukraine, Bolivia, Nigeria, South Africa. Soybean oil consumption is growing faster than that of palm oil because of its abundant fatty acid composition. Automatic soybean oil processing plant is necessary because of the low efficiency of the oil extracted by hand operated machines.

Successfully Installed Soyabean Oil Processing Plant in Nigeria

Photos of the Soybean Oil Processing Project while Installation

soybean oil expeller machine
Soybean Oil Expeller Machine
soybean oil expellers with elevators
Other Processing Machines

The above photos were taken onsite while Installation. If you are also interested in starting a Soybean Oil Processing business, feel free the contact us for customized solution and equipment cost.

Watch Video of Soybean Oil Processing Plant

Soybean Oil Production Process

The production of soy bean oil is complicated. Below are the basic steps of the soybean oil production plant.

Step 1 – Seed Cleaning Section of Soybean Oil Production Plant

First, soybean should be cleaned and sorted manually/mechanically to separate the foreign matter, dust, dirt and stone particles, admixture of other seeds, husks, immature, split, shriveled, damaged and diseased grains. The seed cleaner machine are used to clean the soybeans. To remove the iron from the seeds, the magnet is used.

Step 2: Oil Extraction Section of Soybean Oil Production Plant

Two common soybean oil production processes are solvent extraction(chemical) and mechanical extraction using a screw press.

The most conventional method is to extract oil by mechanical oil processing machines. The oil obtained from screw press, known as crude oil, usually undergoes a filtration process before being consumed as food.

Step 3: Oil Filtration Section of Soybean Oil Production Plant

The soybean oil extracted in the above step is still contains many oil-insoluble and oil-soluble impurities in crude soybean oil that needs to be removed, the oil-insoluble impurities are removed with filtration and the oil-soluble are removed in the edible oil refinery plant.

Step 4: Oil Refinery Section of Soybean Oil Production Plant

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