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30 TPD Turnkey Soybean Oil Processing Plant

The soybean, also called soyabean, widely cultivated commercial field crops grown in U.S, Brazil, Argentina, China, and India. Soybean seeds are used for food, as a source of oil, and as animal feed. Recently, more and more countries extracting oil from soya bean because of its abundant fatty acid composition. As we all know for excellent achievement, a soybean oil processing plant is so essential due to the low efficiency of the handmade manufacture.

Successfully Installed Soyabean Oil Processing Plant in Nigeria

This is a complete set of soybean oil processing plant ordered by one of our client in Nigeria, and this unit consists mainly for oil expeller, filtering machine, cooking machine, crushing equipments, etc. It is turnkey project with 30TPD daily capacity.


Photos of the Soybean Oil Processing Project while Installation

The photos below were taken onsite while Installation. If you are also interested in starting a Soybean oil Processing business, feel free the contact us for customized solution and equipment cost.

soybean oil expeller machine
Soybean Oil Expeller Machine
soybean oil expellers with elevators
Other Processing Machines

Watch Video of Soybean Oil Processing Plant

Soybean Seeds Oil Production Process

There are two methods to produce soybean oil, one is mechanical way, and second one is chemical method. Mechanical way is a traditional method that uses oil expellers to squeeze out the oil from seeds and kernels; and other once is chemical method that extracts oil with solvents. The first method is natural and healthy but the oil yield is very low, however, oil yield of the solvent extraction method is very higher. You can choose one according to the capacity and the your needs to make oil, or you can use both together.


You maybe also interested in soybean oil manufacturing process flowchart >>
The production of soy bean oil is complicated. Below are the main steps of the soybean oil production process.

Soybean Cleaning
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Flaking & Conditioning
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Step 1 – Cleaning Section of Soybean Oil Production

First, the soybean seeds need to cleaned, dried and de-hulled prior to oil extraction. Soyabean hulls should be removed as they absorb oil and give less yield. The de-hulling was done by cracking the soybean seeds using mortar and pestle and a mechanical separation of the hulls and cracked soybean seeds. To remove the iron from the seeds, the magnet is used.

Step 2: Extraction Section of Soybean Oil Production

First, the soybean seeds are cut into flakes and then put into percolation extractors and immerged with a solvent, usually hexane. Extraction is done through counter flow system because it gives the highest yield. After removing the hexane, the extracted flakes contains only 1% of soybean oil and are used as livestock meal or to used to produce food products such as soya protein.

Step 3: Purification Section of Soybean Oil Production

The soybean oil extracted in the above step is still contains many oil-insoluble and oil-soluble impurities in crude soybean oil that needs to be removed, the oil-insoluble impurities are removed with filtration and the oil-soluble once are removed with different processes including degumming, alkali refining, and bleaching, the process of removal may be different for different impurities.

Step 4: Hydrogenation Section of Soybean Oil Production

This process is optional; it will increase the stability of soybean oil and makes the oil less liquid, it creates more saturated fats and reduces unsaturated fats from refined soybean oil. Hydrogenated soya bean oil is used in foods that require more solid fat such as margarines. Production Process Illustration

If you are planning for start a small and large scale soybean oil refining plant & soybean oil production plant and need to get more information about oil mill plant, feel free to contact us!