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Soybean Oil Refinery Plant

GOYUM GROUP is an eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of Soybean Oil Refinery Plant with our manufacturing facilities in Ludhiana ( Punjab ), India.

Soybean Oil Refinery Plant installed by GOYUM India

The World production of Soya Bean and soya bean oil increasing as the cultivation of Soya beans also increasing day by day. Today soya bean oil occupies the first position in terms of quantity of Soya bean oil produced in the world with a contribution of 30% ahead of Palm oil where its contribution is 25%.

Due to wide acceptability and high unsaturation and non-sticky nature of soya bean oil made as no 1 in the world in edible oil industry.

The low percentage of soya oil in beans about 18% to 20% made it to extract through solvent extraction plant route and it will be mandatory to refine the oil before using for human consumption.

Soybean Oil Refinery Plant Process Flow Diagram

The Specifications of Crude Soya bean Oil

Feed Specification of Oil Crude Soya Oil
MIV 0.2%
FFA 2%
Peroxide mEqO2/Kg 5 – 10
Phosphorous ppm 800 – 1000
Unsaponifiable 1.5%

As per the above table we understand that soya contains undesirable components like gums, sterols, hydro carbons, chlorophyll and minor constituents like aldehydes, tocopherols and ketones etc.

These undesirable constituents will be eliminated with above 4 steps of refining process to make it bland odour and light color and appealing nature while cooking and eating without any flavor.

Soya Bean Oil Refinery Plant Steps


This is first step of soya bean oil refining where all the phosphatides will be removed. This will be taken into two steps. Step 1 mixing with hot water at 65 to 70°C allowing to react and gums will be separated with centrifuses, heavy phase will be gums and light phase will be de gummed oil. In this process hydratable phosphatides upto 600 ppm are removed and the heavy phase of the separator is mixture of gums, water oil. This called soya gums and process degumming. These wet gums are mixture of phosphatides like Lecithin, Cephalin and ionisotol. After the drying the wet gums we will get dried gums is called liquid LEICTHIN which contains major portion as lecithin.

Neutralization and water washing

During this process Free fatty acids, Balance 200 ppm of phosphatides, chlorophyll and carotenes are eliminated. The Oil obtained from Degumming process will be re heated again to reach 85 – 90°C and then 85% commercial grade phosphoric acid will be added @ 1 – 2 Kg per metric tonne and allowed to react with oil to make non hydratable phosphatides to precipitate, then Caustic will be added in 18 – 20 Baume concentration based on FFA and quantity of Phosphoric acid added then passed through the centrifuse to separate the soap stock and non hydratable phosphatides from the Oil. The Oil obtained at this step called Neutral oil and contains some soap particles dissolved in oil. The oil will be again heated to 95°C and then mixed with hot water around 10% of the volume of oil and mixed well through a dynamic mixture and send it to centrifuse to separe oil and wash water.

The Oil obtained from Degumming, Neutralization and water washing steps contains traces of moisture which will be again heated to 100°C and then send it through the vacuum drier so that total moisture will be removed and send for storage or further processing. This oil is called Degummed neutralized water washed soya bean oil.

The specifications are given below:

Output oil specification Neutral Soya oil
FFA <0.1%
Moisture < 0.1%
Phosphorous 10
Soap PPM 70 to 100 ppm*


During the process the traces of soap ppm, phosphorous ppm and color pigments are absorbed with the treatment of activated bleaching earth chemical and activated carbon. The process description will be as follows: The Neutral obtained from 2 stage operation of above will be heated to 105°C then fed to online mixture when the oil is mixed designated quantity of bleaching and send it to the 3 stage bleaching process. The first stage enables proper mixing and then goes to second stage where specific retention time of mixing absorption will be maintained and the entire operation will be carried out under vacuum at 650mm Hg, Further 3 stage will be provided steam bubbling arrangement along with mechanical agitation to handle off season oil. After the bleaching operation the oil is filtered using pressure leaf filters on continuous basis a separate filter management system will be incorporated in bleaching section.

Feed specification of oil Neutral Soya Oil
FFA <0.1%
Moisture < 0.1%
Phosphorous ppm 10
Soap PPM 70 to 100 ppm*
Output specification of oil Bleached Soya Oil
FFA <0.1%
Moisture <0.08%
Phosphorous ppm 5 PPM


The Bleached oil is further heated using heat recovery economizers and raised the temperature to 120°C and fed to de aerator where all kinds of air contamination will be removed and further heated with, outgoing deodorized oil and further heated with high temperature heater to raise the temperature upto 240 to 250°C with the help of either thermic fluid heater or high pressure steam boiler and feed to the deodorizer. Where the ffa will be stripped of along with mammoth pumps and spurge steam to carry over all kinds odoriferous materials, coloring pigments and other impurities if any. The deodorization process will be carried 60 minutes and tested for the parameters like Peroxide value etc. The deodorized oil will be heat exchanged with in coming oil through oil economizers and further cooler with cooling water to below 55°C All these entire deodorization operation will be carried out at 2mm absolute vacuum. The fatty acid will be recovered using the circulation of cooled fatty acids in the scrubber and fatty acid will be transferred to storage tank time to time.

Feed specification of oil Bleached Soya Oil
FFA <0.1%
Moisture <0.8%
Phosphorous ppm 10
Output specification of oil Deodorized Soya Oil
FFA 0.06%
Moisture 0.05%
Phosphorous ppm NIL
Peroxide value NIL
Odour Bland

After obtaining the final deodorized oil, citric acid dosing and other vitamins will be added in blending section. After blending with Vitamins the deodorized oil is ready for human consumption.

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