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Is Groundnut Oil Business Profitable?

Groundnut oil is one of the main commercial products in China, India, Nigeria, Myanmar, Sudan, and Senegal today. It is made from the groundnut kernels and oil is said to be much better than canola oil to the health. A groundnut oil production business is a very profitable business. This is because it is less capital intensive than other forms of groundnut related produce.

Groundnut oil is edible oil which is extracted from the Groundnut kernel. Due to its various nutrition and health benefits, the product is very demanding in whole Nigeria and Africa.

Groundnut oil is used to reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and also used to reduce appetite in the form of help in weight loss. Some people use it to help prevent cancer. Peanut oil is sometimes applied directly to the skin due to scalp and other skin disorders without arthritis and joint pain, dry skin, eczema, skull scab and hair loss.

Also, studies show that Groundnut oil may improve skin health and protects against free radicals that cause wrinkles, blemishes, and other signs of premature aging. It also dry skin, help to make the skin softer and is just as effective as mineral oil when applied as a moisturizer.

The making of Groundnut Oil

The actual process involved in extracting a groundnut kernel into groundnut oil. The main process is groundnuts preparing, pressing, solvent extraction, crude peanut oil refining. Given that you are doing it in a commercial quantity, you need to choose the best oil mill machinery, which is provided by GOYUM. This will give you faster results and affordable prices while maintaining high quality.

First of all, peanuts should be prepared before sending in the expelling department, kernels must be cleaned, cracked and cooked by seed processing machinery. Then the prepared peanut kernels will be taken to the expelling workshop, where these raw materials will be extracted by the oil press machines.

However, the screw method of pressing is high residual oil rate but extract over 85% of the oil, rest of the oil will be in the oilcake. To extract the remaining oil solvent extraction method are using and can make the residual oil rate of the groundnut meal below 1%. Therefore for edible use, the pressed crude peanut oil needs to be filter by filter press or oil refining plant.

How to package your groundnut Oil

There are tens of groundnut oil brands in the market. How do you package your own product will determine it will sell or not. You need to package your groundnut oil product in such a way that for the first time any eye falling on it would like to know what is in the package.

Equally, remember to include your company’s logo, company name and contact on each pack. This will enable anyone to order a large amount of information to know how to contact your company.

How to market your groundnut Oil

To encourage customers including retailers and wholesalers, to protect their groundnut oil on other brands, you have a good marketing strategy. First of all, you can offer them a you two, a promo ‘offer. Second, you can participate in food or cooking exposure and share your peanut oil samples.

Finally, you create an online blog where you post articles from an e-commerce store on groundnut oil and its health benefits, where visitors can place their orders. You can also take advantage of top social networking sites with millions of traffic to make sales. For example, you can make some small videos on the health benefits of oil and post them on YouTube with a link to your e-commerce site.

Groundnut oil business is quite simple and highly profitable. With the huge health benefits of this product, the business is trending in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

If you are going to start groundnut oil business, you would be better to know the profit to run a groundnut oil mill. What is the main equipments, cost and how much profit it can bring to you!

Just feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our groundnut oil press machine, or need any help on start your groundnut oil business in Nigeria.