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What is the Importance of Oilseed Cleaning before Pressing?

After harvesting, oilseeds are stored for a short and long time and contain different types of impurities. These impurities are classified into three types. First is inorganic impurity that mainly refers to dust, sand, stone, metal, glass, etc. The second type is organic impurities which are mainly stems and leaves, shells, wormwood, hemp rope, granule, etc. The last is oily impurities, mainly diseases and pests, not perfect grains, various seeds and so on.

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Importance of Cleaning Oil Seeds

Most impurities do not contain oil. What’s worse, some impurities will absorb a certain amount of oil in the oil residue or oil cake, which reduces the yield efficiency and leads to oil loss. Certain impurities, such as stems, leaves, shells, and more, will darken the colour and increase the sedimentation of the crude oil. Moreover, these impurities not only cause a peculiar smell, degrading the quality of crude oil, but also reduce the quality of by-products of oil pressing such as oil cakes.

In the oil production process, if stones, iron and other hard materials are loaded into the oil press machine with oilseeds, it will damage the spare parts, even the whole set of pressing machinery, especially when the machine is under high speed. These hard impurities not only shorten the service life of oil mill machinery but also can cause production accidents. Some long cloth impurities are easily wound into the inlet or outlet of the transmission system or block the feeding device. All of these can pose a risk of breakdown or production accidents.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean your raw material and remove impurities from it. Effective oilseed cleaning can not only improve oil yield efficiency, avoid accidents, prevent damage to oil mill machinery, smooth the oil pressing process, but also improve the environment of your oil mill plants, from which all the dust floats.

When it comes to the preparation of oilseeds like soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, groundnut, palm kernel, copra, cottonseed, you need reliable processes and machines that turn raw materials into profitability. With GOYUM at your side, you have a partner that can offer you both: sophisticated process know-how and modern technologies – all from a single source and customized to meet your individual business needs.

GOYUM offers an extensive line of equipment covering all oilseed cleaning needs such as seed cleaner, magnets, destoners, seed crackers and flakers.

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