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What is Oil Mill ?

The oil mill is an industrial site where edible and non-edible oilseeds & nuts are processed with the help of oil mill machinery to extract oil & residual as oilcake. Before starting an oil mill, you have to select oil extraction machines and equipment according to the oil manufacturing business you want to start such as peanut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, etc.

You can start the oil mill business on a small scale or medium scale or large scale.

  • Small scale oil extracting mills can process 1 to 15 metric tons of oilseeds & nuts per day
  • Medium scale oil extracting mills can process 15 to 100 metric tons of oilseeds & nuts per day
  • Large scale oil extracting mills can process more than 100 metric tons of oilseeds & nuts per day

Our aim is to encourage and help prospective entrepreneurs in the MSME sector to start an oil mill business and make them aware of the opportunities in this sector.

Type of oil in the market

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Where to Buy Oil Mill Machines & Equipment

Purchasing oil mill machinery is an important task and is a capital investment. One should buy a capital product only from an experienced and reputed oil mill machinery manufacturer who can provide you the turnkey solutions and after-sales support worldwide.

We are a leading manufacturing & exporting company with more than 50 years of experience in planning, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installation and commissioning of a complete oil mill plant, solvent extraction plant and edible oil refinery plants on turnkey basis.

Our machines can process varieties of oilseeds & nuts such as canola seeds, castor seeds, copra/coconut, groundnuts/peanut, rapeseed, cottonseeds, sunflower seeds, palm kernels, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, soybean, neem seeds, flaxseed, jatropha, Karanja seeds, safflowers seeds, shea nuts, niger seed, etc.

How much it cost to open a oil mill?

The cost of an oil mill mainly consists of two parts:

  1. Site Land and Shed, machinery & equipment, installation & commissioning cost, etc.
  2. Factory running expenses

Oil mill setup cost

The cost of an oil mill setup depends on the capacity of your oil manufacturing factory. On the basis of the oilseed & nuts crushing plant capacity decision, the factory area or land is decided. You can buy or take the land on lease an built the shed as per your plant layout requirements. After purchasing oil mill plant equipment, installation & commissioning cost is incurred.

Factory running expenses

Expenses for running an oil mill are labour costs, raw material costs, utility costs, transportation costs, advertising costs, rent, etc.

Machines & Equipment for an Oil Mill

Various machines and equipment will be used to extract oil from various oilseeds. However, the oil expeller is an important part of the oil milling plant, no matter what raw material you want to process, this machine is essential.

Oil Extraction Process

OOil extraction is done with the help of machines & equipment, you can extract oil from a variety of vegetable oilseeds & nuts.

oil mill machinery for oil production plant

Step 1 : Seed Cleaning

The seed that comes from the market or the farmer contains impurities. Oilseeds mixed with many types of small pebbles, mud, dust and other inorganic impurities which need to be cleaned because pressing together will deteriorate the quality of the oil and can damage the oil mill machinery particularly the oil expeller. So seed cleaner is used to remove impurities as mentioned above.

Further, Seed Preparatory Equipment consists of Dehuller, Destoner, Decorticator, Seed Cleaner, Hammer Mill, Copra cutter, Flaker, Seed Cracker, Copra Dryer, etc. The selection of the equipment depends on the oilseeds you want to crush.

Step 2 : Heating

The seeds are heated and often treated with steam to break down oil-bearing cells and maximize oil extraction efficiency.

Step: 3 Oil Extraction

Oil is extracted from the treated oilseeds in oil extraction process. To handle this process, oil press machine is used. This is the heart of an oil mill plant.

Step 4: Oil Filtration

The crude oil extracted from the expeller is collected in the crude oil tanks and is passed through a filter press machine to get the filtered oil. The seed residues comes with the crude oil are called ‘foots’. The foots are collected from the crude oil tank and are mixed with oilseed to extract oil from it.

If you’re thinking to start an oil mill business, just let us know about the raw material (oilseed) and production capacity you are looking for ?

Our sales team will provide you best solutions, guidance and quotation for it.

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