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Mustard / Canola/ Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant Process

GOYUM GROUP is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of the Mustard / Canola / Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant with our manufacturing facilities in Ludhiana ( Punjab ), India.

During the past two decades canola/mustard/rape seed (Brassica Oil seeds) is increased making it to become one of the important seed for edible oils.

Rape seed oil is another soft oil with high erucic acid content. This oil also has phospholipids and chlorophyll which imparts blue and green color to the oil. The dark colored crude filtered oil is preferred in east Asian countries for direct human consumption. However, the Oil extracted from Cake through solvent extraction required to refine for removal all unwanted constituents of oil.

Mustard / Canola/ Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant Process flow diagram

The Specifications of Feed Oil:

Feed Oil Specification Crude Soya Oil
MIV 0.15% Max
Impurities 0.10% Max
FFA 2% max
Peroxide mEqO2/Kg 5 – 10
Phosphorous PPM 300 – 600
Unsaponifiable 0.9%
Metal Content PPM 3

The Canola Oil Refining Processing Steps


Rape seed/Musturd/Canola seed oil contain phosphatides like other oils 1% to 1.5% based species and variety of the seed. Interms of phosphorous content it will be 400 – 600 mg / kg This will be removed through the standard degumming process by addition 2% water and 1kg to 1.5Kg of food grade phosphoric acid to the oil at 60 deg c and allowing to mix for 15 – 20 minutes and then by separating through the centrifugal separators. The heavy phase gums will be transferred to gums tank and light phase of degummed oil will be transferred to carry out next stage of operation called Neutralization.


This is standard process of chemical refining to remove FFA, Chlorophyll and other components with the treatment of caustic soda solution. The Oil obtained from de gumming process will be heated to raise the temperature to 80 deg c – 90 deg c and measured quantity of caustic soda solution will be added and send to the reactor either short mix or long mix based on the selected process where the FFA is react with caustic soda and form a soap in the oil. The soap is heavy phase and oil is light phase these two phases are separated with centrifugal separators. Thus the oil obtained from neutralization stage will have some traces of soap which will removed during the water washing stage. Chlorophyll and its derivatives will be reduced by 70% at this stage.

Water washing

After separation of soap from the oil, the neutral oil still contains some traces of soap. This stage the neutral oil is mixed 10% to 12% hot water with a short duration mixture and separated through the centrifuge. The soap traces will be removed. The neutral and washed oil will be send to tank. At this stage the oil temperature will be maintained at 85 – 90 deg c. The Neutral oil contains less than 50ppm of soap.

Vacuum Drying

The washed oil contains some particles and trace of moisture which will effect further operations. Usually this oil is dried under vacuum as the temperature of the oil already at 85 deg C will be dried under a Vacuum of 70mm to remove the moisture. The Final neutral oil will have a moisture of Less than 0.1%.

The specifications are given below:

MIV <0.1% max
FFA <0.8%
Moisture < 0.1%
Phosphorous PPM <10
Peroxide value mEqO2/Kg <3
Soap PPM 70 to 100 ppm
Metal Content PPM <2
Unsaphonifiable 0.9%


This is one the important stage in total refining process. Where the oil is heated to 100 deg c to 105 deg c and mixed with Bleaching earth chemical ( Acid activated clay) and also activated carbon in a vessel under vacuum at 70 mm hg where the stirring continues for specific designated time and then filtered the oil to remove the clay and carbon. The clay consumption will depend on the quality of the oil varies between 0.7% to 2% of the oil quantity. At this stage the color pigments, and traces of soap PPm will be eliminated and the oil will be bleached and color reduction takes place. The filtered oil again send through the polish filters to obtain clear bleached oil.

Bleached Oil Specifications:

MIV <0.5% max
FFA <0.8% max
Phosphorous ppm <3
Peroxide value mEqO2/Kg < 1
Soap PPM Nil
Metal Content PPM Nil
Unsaphonifiable 0.9%

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