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Mustard Oil Extraction Machine

Mustard oil extraction machine can extract excellent quality oil from mustard oilseeds. The action of squeezing and pressing is responsible for extracting oil from mustard oilseeds. Mustard oil is mainly used in culinary, also cures many diseases related to skin, joints, muscles and heart. In some places, it’s also referred to as bitter oil. Mustard oil is extremely beneficial for both health and beauty. Many such elements are found in mustard oil which acts as painkillers.

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Goyum Screw Press enjoys a great reputation in the oil mill machinery sector. With over five decades of experience, we have established creative solutions from designing to manufacturing, providing full service to our customers for the turnkey oil mill project and premium quality spare parts.

To make mustard oil, we have basically three types, small scale oil extraction machine, medium scale oil extraction machine and large scale mustard oil extraction machine. It may be that your mustard oil making situation is not ideal, but you can find the most suitable vegetable oil making machine from us to maximize the profits of making your mustard oil.

Different Capacity Availability of Mustard Oil Making Machine

Small-scale mustard oil making machine with kettle

Capacity: 1 ~ 10 tons per day

  • Small in size, efficient in production, ideal equipment for mini, small mustard oil plant.
  • It can be equipped with pedestal to avoid the trouble of foundation of the building.

Medium-scale mustard oil making machine with kettle

Capacity: 10 ~ 50 tons per day

  • The compact design consists of a motor, electric control cabinet and screw oil press in one machine, making it very convenient to make real mustard oil.
  • The electric control cabinet automatically controls the mustard seed pressure temperature and humidity, ensuring that oil yields are the highest.
  • It is suitable for individual mustard oil making factory

Large-scale mustard oil extraction machine with kettle

Capacity: 50 ~ 140 tons per day

  • Automatic control system with the heating pipe in the characteristics of the pressing cage for optimum control oil production rate
  • Ideal choice for mustard oil making workshop or large scale mustard oil extraction plant

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Complete Equipment for Mustard Oil Making Plant

If you want to start a mustard oil plant to ensure the quality of final mustard oil, then expand your market share of mustard oil further. It is necessary to install complete mustard oil making machinery. Certainly, this requires capital investment, but if you choose us as your supplier, you will greatly reduce the investment cost. All mustard oil making machine is offered at factory price. More importantly, our professional technical supports onsite about the installation and will improve the commissioning process, guaranteeing normal operation so that you can sell high-quality mustard oil to more customers. (Read more: Mustard oil Mill Plant Process)

Benefits of oil extraction machines

  • Made of high-quality carbon steel with high hardness and strength and wear resistance, which is suitable for suppressing constant high temperature.
  • Widely used to extract various types of oilseeds & nuts, such as peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds, flax seeds, cotton, sunflowers, etc.;
  • With a properly designed pressing chamber, the pre-heating process and rotation of the machine quickly raise the temperature in the chamber, breaking the internal structure of the oilseed and extracting it easily.
  • Save labour and energy.

Are you looking for the most suitable and cost effective Mustard Oil Extraction Machine or Mustard Oil Extraction Plant to start your own Mustard Oil Manufacturing Business, then you are in the right place. GOYUM is the best and reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of oilseed crushing machines.

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