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Coconut Oil Extraction Machine

GOYUM manufacture high quality coconut oil extraction machine which is designed using the best quality material and modern technology under the vigilance of our skilled professionals. The coconut oil expeller, we provide is highly appreciated by the customers for its various quality features such as fine and smooth operation. In addition, this machine is tested on various parameters to meet quality standards.

coconut oil extraction machine mini oil mill machines and equipment with layout design

The above machine combination is for reference only. Equipment list may vary for different business plans. It depends on your processing raw material, required capacity, production cost budget and other detailed information. So don’t hesitate to contact us to get a customized business plan and project cost.

Features of Oil Extraction Machine

  • High oil yield, low residual oil and low degums.
  • Uses high carbon steel, which resist high frequency quenching and heat-resisting, it has high hardness and strength, good abrasion resistance which suits for high temperature and high pressure continuous working.
  • For gear-box gears, adopt special helical and couping scare design and low noise, long working life.
  • The final oil is of high quality, good smell and high yield oil rate.

If you are thinking of starting a coconut oil extraction and refining business, please contact us. Our screw press machines are capable of extraction various edible oilseeds for biodiesel or cooking use.

Different Coconut Oil Extraction Machine Parameters

ModelCapacityPower (KW)LengthBreadthHeight
GOYUM VC-I40 Kg/hour3-Phase 7.5 H.P2185 MM685 MM1250 MM
GOYUM 605 – 6 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 20 H.P2900 MM960 MM2150 MM
GOYUM MK-III8 – 10 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2600 MM1650 MM2650 MM
GOYUM 15015 – 20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 30 H.P2640 MM1396 MM3700 MM
GOYUM MK-IV15 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P2640 MM1940 MM2743 MM
GOYUM MK-V-C20 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 40 H.P3550 MM1300 MM3600 MM
GOYUM 24022 – 25 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 75 H.P3090 MM1140 MM2318 MM
GOYUM 60080 Tonnes In 24 Hours3-Phase 100 H.P4100 MM1170 MM1850 MM
GOYUM 1500140 to 150 Tonnes per 24 Hours3-Phase 170 H.P5500 MM1380 MM1980 MM

If you are interest in our oil press machines or you want to set up a Copra oil mill plant, please don’t hesitate to write us from the following form, we are always at your service!