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Neem Seed Oil Mill Plant

We are the manufacturer of turnkey Neem oil mill plant with various capacity and affordable price. With a team of experienced Engineering and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we manufacture and export only high quality oil mill machines to our customers. Our neem seed oil extraction machines is checked by team during each stage of manufacture, to ensure that the equipment matches the international quality in the market. Feel free to just sent your requirements.

Machines & Equipments required to start Neem Oil Mill Plant

The requirement of machines and equipments to start neem oil production business usually depends on the different aspects such as processing raw materials, required pressing capacity, production cost budget and other detailed information. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get a customized business plan and project cost list. Here we have listed some of the common machines required to start a neem oil mill plant including Boiler, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Cooker / Kettle, Oil Expeller Machines, Crude neem oil tanks, Filter press machine with Pump, Filtered oil tanks and Volumetric filling machine.

Neem Seed Oil Mill Plant Process

In the neem seed oil mill, the seed undergoes the following steps: seed cleaning, seed cooking, oil extraction, crude oil filtration, oil storage and Filling.

Neem Seed Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart
Neem Seed Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart


Boiler are generally used to provide steam to the kettle of oil press machine through a pipe line system. During the process, steam pressure is controlled and regulated with the help of steam pressure gauges.

neem seed cleaner machine

Seed Cleaning Machine

The oilseed in the harvest, in the process of transportation and storage will be mixed with some inorganic impurities. Inorganic impurities are mainly leaves, dirt, metal, stones. Before the extraction the neem seeds gets well cleaned by seed cleaner machine.

oil expeller kettle

Kettle / Cooker

The neem seeds are heated with steam in the 2 stage kettle (temperature 90°C) to increase the oil flow then squeeze under high pressure in the oil press machine. The cooker / kettle makes the extraction process easier.

Oil Extraction Machine

In this section seeds are placed in a kettle of screw oil press machine and the oil can be obtained by pressing the neem seed. Neem seed contain 20 – 25 % oil content. Neem seeds have to be pressed twice to extract oil. In the first process 10 to 15% oil is obtained and oilcake goes for second process where 8 to 10% of oil will be obtained. The remaining oil in the oilcake 7 – 8 % which will be used in poultry and cattle feed.

Oil filter press machine

Oil Filter Press Machine

Crude need oil contains gum which will removed by heating in temperature 45 – 50° C then it send for filtration. The filtration is done by the filter press machine, which removes the various unwanted particles left in the extracted oil to obtain pure neem oil.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is independently developed by Goyum and it is mainly used for the vertical continuous conveying of cottonseed. The equipment is of straightforward structure, compact design, easy installation and maintenance, allowing positive and reverse material feeding.

Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor used for conveying cotton oilcake to elevator as it has rotating helical screw blade. Screw conveyor is a mechanism with power device, gear box, coupling, screw axis and hanging bearing. The screw axis is made of several segments that are connected with the spline.

Introduction of Neem Oil

Neem is onespecies in the genus “Azadirachta” and is native to Indian subcontinent. This tree belongs to the Meliceae family, and it grows rapidly in tropical and semi-tropical climates. Neem tree is an evergreen tree, but it can be leafless for some time in some situations. Today, the neem is well established in at least 30 countries worldwide, in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Some small scale plantations are also reportedly successful in Europe and United States of America and rich in protein. Neem oil varies in colour; it can be golden yellow, yellowish brown, red brown, dark brown, green brown or bright red. It is a rather strong smell which is said to blend the peanuts and garlic flavours..

Uses of Neem Oil

Neem oil is not used for cooking purposes, it is used for preparing cosmetic (soap, hair products, body hygiene cream, hand cream) and Ayurvedic Unani and treatments in traditional medicine in folklore. The most reported signs in ancient Ayurvedic writing are skin diseases. Swelling and fever and recent rheumatic disorders, insect repellent and pesticide effect.

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