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Start a Coconut Oil Extraction Business in American Samoa, Pacific Island

Coconut oil is one of the main commercial products in American Samoa today. It is made from coconut fruit and much better than peanut oil. A coconut oil production business is a very profitable business in all pacific island such as Philippines, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ivory-Coast, Papua New Guinea and other region because it is less capital intensive.

Coconut Oil Extraction Plant

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from coconut kernels harvested from coconut palm. Due to its various nutritional and health benefits, the product is in great demand in American Samoa and worldwide overall. Coconut plants have been spreading widely in tropics and islands of pacific. They are used for edible and non-edible products such as cooking, bakery, confectionary, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

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Different types of coconut oil for edible purposes are available,

  • Virgin Coconut Oil from Desiccated Coconut;
  • Coconut oil from Dry Copra.

The Making Process of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil can be extracted directly from the fresh Coconut Meat or from Desiccated Coconut. The actual process involved in turning a coconut fruit into coconut oil begins with the selection of mature coconut kernels. The coconut kernels are then dried to the perfect moisture content to ensure long-shelf life. Coconut Kernels are first disintegrated into small pieces(known as desiccated coconut) in a Disintegrator and then fed into a virgin oil expeller for extraction. Expelled Oil is again filtered to remove the adhering fine particles. Under small scale, the oil is filtered through plate & frame type filter press and for large-scale operation, a pressure leaf filter with plate & frame type filter press is recommended to increase the filtration rate.

The Making Process of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from copra. Copra can be obtained by separating coconut flesh from whole coconut shell, followed by sun drying for about 6 to 8 days. The copra is cut into small sizes by copra cutter and cooked by heating the small pieces of copra in a cooker for about 30 mins. Oil is squeezed from the cooked copra by an coconut oil extraction machine and then filtered by a filter press.

The oil expeller is essentially a mechanical screw press in which the oil is expelled from the copra by the pressure exerted by a continuous rotating warm shaft in the barrel or cage of the press. The barrel is built with openings to allow the escape of oil and these can be adjusted according to the type of seed being crushed.

How to package your coconut oil

There are thousands of coconut oil manufacturer in the world. How you package your own product will determine whether it will sell or not. You need to package your coconut oil product in such a way that any eye that falls on it for the first time will want to know what is in the package.

Equally, remember (if you are a company) include your company logo, company name, and contact on each pack. This will enable anyone who orders a large quantity to learn how to contact your company.

How to market your coconut oil

To encourage customers, including retailers and wholesalers, to conserve your coconut oil on other brands, you must have a good marketing strategy. First of all, you can give them a two two buy one promo. Secondly, you can participate in expos related to food or cooking and share your coconut oil samples.

Finally, you create an blog where you post articles on coconut oil and its health benefits with an e-commerce store where visitors can place their orders. You can also take advantage of the top social networking sites with millions of traffic to make a sale. For example, you can make some short videos on the health benefits of oil and post them on YouTube with a link to your e-commerce site.

The coconut oil trade is quite simple and highly profitable. With the huge health benefits of this product, the business is trending in American Samoa and across world.

GOYUM, Offer turnkey project solutions for complete virgin coconut oil processing plant. We can help you establishing efficient and customised oil pressing factory and guide you step by step to the succeed of your oil making business. Contact Us.

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