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Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant Process

We are an eminent manufacturer and exporter of Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant with our manufacturing facilities in Ludhiana ( Punjab ), India on Turnkey Basis.

Rice Bran is by product of rice milling process. It is a thin layer between hulls and kernel (Rice). The quantity wise it will be around 8% to 10% of Rice. The Bran obtained during milling will be of two types.

The paddy milled directly after sun drying from the field, is called direct milling or raw milling of paddy and bran obtained is called raw rice bran. It contains around 16% to 18% of Oil if it is collected carefully without intermingling from hulls.

The second type paddy will be milled by boiling in water and drying subsequently is called para boiling rice milling process and bran obtained is called boiled rice bran. It contains around 18% to 22% of oil and it’s more stable in reaction as the enzyme lipase is partially destroyed during para boiling of Paddy.

The bran collected carefully will be used to extract the oil through the solvent extraction process.

Worldwide rice production of 400 million tons to 800 million tons yielding good quantity of rice bran oil which is very stable in frying oil and showing excellent properties in reducing LDL levels in the blood becoming a proactive oil to reduce Cholesterol and helping the heart to be stronger.

rice bran solvent extraction plant process flow-chart

Rice Bran Oil Extraction

The Steps involved in Rice Bran Solvent Extraction System

General Specifications of Rice Bran
Moisture 10 -11 % by weight
Oil Content 17 – 20%
Bulk Density Approx. 350 kg/m3


The bran collected from various rice mills are of different quality and quantity. It is to be tested before offloading. The bran will be cleaned to remove add particles, hulls and threads, iron particles etc. This will be done either with rotary sieve or vibro sieve of specific size leaving higher size particles to send out and then passed through magnetic separator to remove iron contamination and particles which will affect the process and also prevent damage of die plates and quality of the Oil.

Cooking / Conditioning

The cleaned bran contains moisture up to 8% and temperature at room temperature. This required to be conditioned to suitable for palettization. The conditioner is either screw type or pedal type or vertical staker type. The bran feed to the conditioner will be agitated and mixed with live steam and temperature raised upto 70°C and moisture content increased to 10 – 11% of best suitable range of palletization.


The Nature of Rice Bran is in the form of powder hence it requires to make it to pellet form to facilitate good per collation and extraction of oil from Bran. There are several types of pelletizers are available like vertical, horizontal and extruder type. Based on the investment and capacity the pelletizer will be selected. The conditioned bran passed though the palletizer and converted to powder farm to pellet form with good porosity to make it suitable for extraction.

Pellet Cooler

The Pellets produced from pelletizer will be discharged at 80 to 90°C required to cool down to extraction temperature of 55°C. The pellet cooler will be used with blowing and suction of exhaust air from the cooling system. The Cooled pellets will be transferred to the extraction plant for solvent extraction process.

Solvent Extraction Process

The Rice Bran Pellets / Expanded Collets from pelletizing section of preparatory section is carried by Redler Conveyor and fed to Extractor Either through rotary valve or Plug O Seal to extractor feed hopper incorporated with high and low level arrangement to ensure proper level of material filled in the Hope and seal for the system. The material through the intake hopper moves on the endless band conveyor chain of moving deep bed extractor and the Hexane is sprayed counter currently over the moving bed material. The solvent percolates n penetrates through the bed and dissolves oil with it. The solvent oil mixture is called as Miscella. Miscella from last hoper will be transferred to miscella holding tank through miscella filter or hydro cyclones fixed above Extractor. The de oiled seed material with solvent is discharged from extractor discharge hopper and is transferred to desolventisor toaster through leak proof sealed solvent tight conveyor.

Meal Conditioning and Bagging

The De Oiled Rice Bran obtained from the DT discharged at 110°C will be cooled to 10° above the ambient temperature. This cooled meal contains some quantity of lumps around 10% to 15% based on the operation and quality of steam. These lumps are sieved out and grinded to the specific size of sieve. The Moisture of the final DORB will be maintained at the required level. This is the final product which called de oiled rice bran meal. This will be bagged in 50 to 75 kg through an automatic bagging machine.

Specifications of Solvent Extracted Rice Bran Oil:

Specifications Rice Bran Oil
MIV 0.3%
Impurities 0.15%
Peroxide Value 5 -10 mEqO2/kg
Un-saponifiable 3 – 5
Phosphatides 800-1000 ppm
FFA 5 – 20% depending on quality of rice bran
Wax, PPM 2 to 3 % depending on quality of rice bran

Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant Process

  • Meal Desolventization
  • Miscella Distillation System
  • Condensation and Solvent Recovery
  • Recuperation (Absorption and Desorption) Unit

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