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150TPD Turnkey Canola Oil Manufacturing Plant

This is a large scale Canola oil manufacturing plant Build in Australia. The production capacity is 150 tons per day. It is a complete plant including canola seeds pretreatment and oil pressing process.

Photos of the Canola Oil Production Plant

The photos were taken during project constructing. If you are interested in knowing more about canola seed processing plant or would like to get a customized business plan, just feel free to get in touch with us and we are always glade to serve you!

canola oil processing plant inside
Canola Oil Processing Plant Inside
Project Under Construction
Project Under Installation
Canola Oil expeller Machine
Canola Oil Expeller Machine
Other Processing Machines
Other Processing Machines

Canola Oil Extraction

Step 1: First the seed cleaning by seed cleaner.

Step 2: and second is the seed pre-condition with the heat and then flaked using rollers to the ruptures cells and makes the oil easier to extract.

Step 3: Next the flaked seeds are cooked and subjected to a mild extracting process in the oil expeller that removes some of the canola oil and cake.

Step 4: The oilcake undergo further processing to remove the remaining oil. Solvent Extraction is the most common method.

Canola Oil Manufacturing Process

Canola oil obtained from extracting canola seeds/rapeseeds. Both canola seeds and rapeseeds are related to same Brassica genus; however, the name Canola (Canadian oilseed- low acid) coined for modified plant developed by Canadian scientists. Canola is grown widely across Canada, several European countries and Australia, and to a lesser extent in the United States. Canola oil is the preferred oil for use in both countries because it’s the oil lowest in saturated fats, high in cholesterol-lowering mono-unsaturated fat and the best source of omega-3 fats.

canola seed manufacturing plant process flowchart
Canola Seeds Oil Processing Flow Chart

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