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Cottonseed Oil Mill Plant

We are a reliable manufacturer of cottonseed oil mill plant. Quality, technology and service are three things we always focus on as our commitment. We can deal with any question on the installation of oil extraction machine and oil production plant. Our entire oil extraction plant has exported around the world. We provide our customers with full support during the implementation of the project through all the steps. If you are interested in our oil extraction machine or need a detailed oil extraction plant plan, just contact us and tell us your requirements.

Machines & Equipments required to start Cotton Oil Mill Plant

The requirement of machines and equipments to start cotton seed oil manufacturing business usually depends on the different aspects such as processing raw materials, required pressing capacity, production cost budget and other detailed information. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get a customized business plan and project cost list. Here we have listed some of the common machines required to start a cotton oil mill plant including Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Cooker / Kettle, Oil Expeller, Crude cotton oil tanks, Neutralizer, oil tanks and Volumetric filling machine.

Cotton Oil Mill Plant Process

In the cotton seed oil mill, the seed undergoes the following steps: seed cleaning, oil extraction, crude oil filtration, oil storage and Filling.

cottonseed oil mill plant process flowchart
Cotton Seed Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart

Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed cleaner can be used effectively to remove partially stones, metal, sand, mud, immature or broken seeds to ensure maximum quality of the final product.

Oil Extraction Machine

Cotton seed contains 18 – 20 % oil content. The cottonseed can be processed without delinting in the oil expeller machine. In a single pressing 12 – 14 % oil will be obtained and in the oilcake is still about 6.0 – 7.5 % residual oil which will be used in the animal feed / meal.

Neutralizer Machine

Crude cottonseed oil contains gum and FFA, Neutralizer removes both free fatty acids and gum from the crude oil. The equipment is type of reactor where acidic oil is converted into usable form. Cottonseed oil are non-edible oil and not suitable for human consumption as it contain high level of acids. Hence it is compulsory to use the Neutralizer for cottonseed oil processing.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is independently developed by Goyum and it is mainly used for the vertical continuous conveying of cottonseed. The equipment is of straightforward structure, compact design, easy installation and maintenance, allowing positive and reverse material feeding.

Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor used for conveying cotton oilcake to elevator as it has rotating helical screw blade. Screw conveyor is a mechanism with power motor, gear box, coupling, screw axis and hanging bearing. The screw axis is made of several segments that are connected with the spline.

Introduction of Cotton Oil

The cottonseed oil is cholesterol free and extracted from the seeds of various cotton plants. More then 95% of the cottonseed is process in India and grown primarily for cooking oil, cotton fiber, animal feed. Cottonseed oil is light golden color with light mild tastes. Cotton oil is used primarily in the form of mayonnaise or in addition to salads. Due to being cheaper than olive oil and canola oil, cotton oil is used in many restaurants as frying and in the food service. Cottonseed oil mill machinery is used to extract oil of cotton seeds.

Uses of Cotton oil

Many of us use cotton seed oil for cooking purposes, salad dressing and mayonnaise applications and it is free of trans fatty acids. Our crude oil refining techniques have made it possible to produce “custom made” oil products to meet almost any commercial requirement. Cottonseed oil is mainly used in America as salad or cooking oil. About 56% of that category is consumed, while about 36% goes into baking and frying fat, and uses margarine and other in small amounts. The entire cotton oil produced in India is used for edible purposes, mostly for vanaspati, only small quantities (5-10%) are used for soap manufacturing. Cottonseed oil can be used in all types of food manufacturing applications and it can be adapted for unique needs.

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