Palm Oil Extraction from Palm Fruit Bunches (FFB)

Palm Oil Extraction from Palm Fruit Bunches (FFB)

GOYUM is a manufacturer and exporter of a complete set of Palm Oil Mill Plants. Our Palm Oil Extraction plants have been exported around the world. We provide our customers with a tailor-made solution for their specific needs.

Palm Fruit Production 153,578,600 MT or 338 billion pounds. This is about twice the level of production of any other fruit crop, making oil palm by far the world’s number one fruit crop. Oil palm is produced in 42 countries worldwide on about 27 million acres. Average yields are 10,000 lbs/acre, and per acre yield of oil from African oil palm is more than 4-fold that of any other oil crop, which has contributed to the vast expansion of the industry over the last few decades.

The matured fruits will be ripened and change from black to orange reddish color are ready for the extraction of Oil. The ripened fruit bunches are detached from the plants with help of cutter and taken to processing plant for Palm Oil Extraction.

Palm oil extraction plant

Oil extraction is a complex process, carried out by large mills that may process up to 60 tons of fruit per hour, or by small scale mills in rural villages that produce only about 1 ton of oil in an 8 hour shift.

Process Flow chart of Palm oil extraction from palm Fruit bunches (FFB) Oil Mill Plant
Process Flow chart of FFB Oil Mill Plant

Oil Extraction from Palm Fruit follows the same basic steps:

Steam Sterilization of Bunches

The bunches reached the factory for extraction process will be sterilized with steam to inactivate the enzymes and kills micro organisms that produce free fatty acids reducing the Oil quality and help loosen the fruits from the bunches.

Steam Sterilization of Bunches

Stripping Fruits from Bunches

A mechanical device will be used to remove the fruits from the bunches are called de bunchers. The fruits are collected and the bunches will be discarded.


This is an equipment the fruits are digested with steam with live steam at 90°C to facilitate the fruits to release the pulp and Oil.


The digested fruits are passed through the screw press where the pulp and oil will be separated from the fruits and the un polishes nuts will be separated. The pulp and oil mixer will the send to next for clarification.

Palm Oil Pressing Machine


The Crude oil is mixed with pulp, water and oil. This will be clarified through decanter where the pulp will be separated and water with oil mixer will be separated. The mixture will be separated by settling or through centrifugal separators followed by vacuum driers to reduce the moisture content in the final Oil.

Nut Polishing

The nuts with fiber are carried to the polishing where the fiber will be removed and polished nuts will be isolated. The fiber will be used to fire in the Boiler for steam. Where the nuts are taken to cracking machine.

Nut Cracker

The polished nut will be cracked with the help of cracking machine like hammer mills are ripper mills where the Nuts are cracked without damaging the kernel.

Kernel and Shell Separation.

The cracked kernels are separated with help of Mud bath and winnowing column based on the requirement. Mud bath separation is highly efficient upon the separation the Kernel are dried either with hot air driers.

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