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Sunflower Seed Solvent Extraction Plant Process

GOYUM GROUP is a recognized manufacturer and exporter engaged in offering Sunflower Seed Solvent Extraction Plant with our manufacturing facilities in Ludhiana ( Punjab ). The Plant offered by us is manufactured using the latest technology, known for its high performance and low maintenance.

Sunflower seed oil is the most ancient seed of North America which was cultivated during 3000 BC as per available records and it moved to Russia and from there to other countries. The most suitable temperature for the growth of sunflower seed is 20 – 27°C with abundant water. There are several varieties of seeds available consisting of 36% of Oil to 40% of oil based on cultivated area soil condition and species of the seed.

The Oil extracted from sunflower seeds either by screw press or by solvent extraction process. The Seeds will be either de hulled or whole seed extraction is taking place based on the requirement of the protein content of the De oiled Meal.

Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction

sunflower solvent extraction plant process flow chart

Preparation of Sunflower Seed for Solvent Extraction Process:

1st Method : Full Press without Dehulling

  • Cleaning
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Cooking/Conditioning
  • Pressing
  • Sizing

2nd Method : Pre Press with Dehulling

  • Cleaning
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Cracking
  • Dehulling
  • Cooking/Conditioning
  • Pressing
  • Sizing

3rd Method : Pre Press

  • Cleaning
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Cracking
  • Dehulling
  • Cooking/Conditioning
  • Flaking
  • Pre-Pressing
  • Sizing
  • Cooling

4th Method : Expender Process

  • Cleaning
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Cracking
  • Dehulling
  • Cooking/Conditioning
  • Flaking
  • Expander System
  • Drier Cooler
General Specifications of Sunflower Seeds
Moisture 8-9%
Impurities 2%
Hulls 20 – 27%
Oil Content 35-42%
Protein 15-18%

Sunflower Seed Cleaning

The sunflower seed received from harvest are cleaned with vibratory cleaners or rotary drum cleaners or Vibro cleaners or combination of both to remove impurities like dust, some fiber and solid content if any.

Magnetic Separation

The cleaned sunflower seeds passed through either rotary drum magnet of stationary permanent magnet to remove all iron contamination and iron particles.


The cleaned and magnetic separated sunflower seeds passed through the cracking machine which is called as seed cracker which contains two pairs of chilled cast iron rolls grooved suitable to crack sunflower seed into 4 to 8 pieces of uniform size to facilitate to remove hulls to reduce fiber in the final cake which help also increasing in protein.

Sunflower Seed Dehulling

The Sunflower seed 20% to 27% of hulls which will be removed with the help of Crackers and aspiration separations process called dehulling. The sunflower seed passed through the dehullers will remove upto 15% to 20% of the hulls.

Cooking / Conditioning

The cleaned seed fed to the cooker conditioner where the seeds are tempered by giving temperature through jacketed steam and also little quantity of live steam.


The cooked and conditioned seed feed to flaker to maintain a thick ness of the flakes 0.35mm with help of chilled cast iron rolls fitted with hydraulic system. The materials are pressed and discharged to the next step.

First & Second Method (Full Press)

The conditioned seed fed into the screw press where almost 30% to 35% of the Oil will be drained out leaving 6% to 7% Oil in the cake. This cake will be discharged at temperature of 70°C and in the form big pieces with a thick ness of 8mm to 10mm.

Third Method: (Pre-Press)

The conditioned sunflower seed meat transfer to the pre-pressing screw oil press where more than 50% of the Oil will be drained out and remaining 18% oil cake will be transferred to Solvent Extraction Plant.

Fourth Method: (Expander Process)

This is the system used to process the flakes directly in the solvent extraction process. The flakes are conditioned to raise the temperature upto 85°C in the conditioned fitted above the expander, and the conditioned flakes passed through the expander fitted with squeeze o matic arrangement where the flakes are squeezed to release 25% to 27% of Oil and flakes will be converted to high porosity collets either with die plates or hydraulic system. These collets discharged from expander at 95°C to 100°C with 10% to 12% moisture.


The Sunflower seed expelled cake is cooled to 55°C as the solvent extraction plant could not take cake above 55°C.


The cooled cake will be passed through the cake sizing machine where the cake will be broken into 2 inch to 3 inch size pieces to improve the extraction rate. This small size will help to minimize the voids, increase the area of percolation. This will be feed to the extraction plant with the help of transfer conveyor.

Drier Cooler

The acceptable temperature for solvent extraction is 55°C and moisture around 8% to 9%. The collets discharged from expander system passed through the drier cooler where there moisture and temperature are reduced to required level and suitable for solvent extraction and transferred to the solvent extraction plant.

Solvent Extraction

The Sunflower Seed, the Pre pressed cake / expanded collets / fully pressed cake from preparatory section is carried by Redler Conveyor and fed to Extractor Either through rotary valve or Plug O Seal to extractor feed hopper incorporated with high and low level arrangement to ensure proper level of material filled in the Hope and seal for the system. The material through the intake hopper moves on the endless band conveyor chain of moving deep bed extractor and the Hexane is sprayed counter currently over the moving bed material. The solvent percolates n penetrates through the bed and dissolves oil with it. The solvent oil mixture is called as Miscella. Miscella from last hoper will be transferred to miscella holding tank through miscella filter or hydro cyclones fixed above Extractor. The de oiled seed material with solvent is discharged from extractor discharge hopper and is transferred to desolventisor toaster through leak proof sealed solvent tight conveyor.

Output specification – prepress cake Sunflower Pre-press cake
Moisture 7% -8 %
Oil Content 18% – 20%

Full Pressed Cake as FEED

Feed Material Sunflower Seed Cake with less than 0.5% fines
Moisture 8% -9 %
Oil Content 7% – 8%

Expanded Collets as FEED

Feed Material Sunflower Seed collets with less than 0.5% fines
Moisture 8%-9 %
Oil Content 20% – 25%

Meal Conditioning and Bagging

The Sunflower de-oiled meal obtained from the DT discharged at 110°C will be cooled to 10°C above the ambient temperature. This cooled meal contains some quantity of lumps around 10% to 15% based on the operation and quality of steam. These lumps are sieved out and grinded to the specific size of sieve. This is the final product which called de oiled cotton meal. This will be bagged in 50 to 75 kg through an automatic bagging machine.

Output specification – De-oiled Cake Sunflower
Residual Oil 1% max
Moisture 9 – 10%
Protein content 33-35%
Hexane ppm (after meal cooling) 300 – 400
Output Specification – Solvent Extracted Oil Crude Sunflower Oil
MIV 0.15%
Impurities 0.15%
FFA 2% max
Peroxide mEq02/Kg 5
Phosphorous ppm 400 – 600
Waxes ppm 1500

Sunflower Seed Solvent Extraction Plant Process

  • Meal Desolventization
  • Miscella Distillation System
  • Condensation and Solvent Recovery
  • Recuperation (Absorption and Desorption) Unit

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