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Oil Mill Plants

Palm Oil Extraction from Palm Fruit Bunches (FFB)

The matured fruits will be ripened and change from black to orange reddish color are ready for the extraction of Oil. The ripened fruit bunches are…

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Extraction Plant

GOYUM helps its customers establish an efficient Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Extraction Plant to start their business. All our Oil Mill Machinery & Equipment are well known …

Shea Butter Extraction Plant

GOYUM is committed to the research and development of oil mill machine and complete oil mill projects. With the professional technical team, we can offer turnkey …

Corn / Maize Germ Oil Mill Plant

Corn / Maize germ is produced as a by-product of the Corn / Maize milling industries. There are 2 types of Corn / Maize milling, either Wet Milling or Dry Milling. In wet-milling …

Castor Seed Oil Mill Plant

GOYUM is a leading manufacturer of Castor Seed Oil Mill Machinery. We are experienced in turnkey Castor Seed Oil Extraction Plants. Our machines are working successfully …

Niger Seed Oil Mill Plant

GOYUM is a professional oil mill machinery manufacturer that is dedicated to the research and development of environmentally friendly oil processing equipment, ranging …

Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant

As an expert in manufacturing palm kernel oil mill machinery and full scale production plants, GOYUM-INDIA is your reliable choice for starting an oil extraction business.

Rapeseed / Canola Oil Mill Plant

GOYUM SCREW PRESS enjoys a great reputation among the Edible Oil Production sector by supplying quality oil mill machinery & equipment, also helping customers establish efficient

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) Extraction Plant

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is a versatile by-product of the Cashew Processing Plant. The nut has a shell which is a soft honeycomb structure

How to Setup Complete Niger Seed Oil Mill Plant

Niger seeds oil production can be accomplished at a small scale, medium scale or large-scale oil processing line, requires Niger Seed Oil Mill Machinery …

Cottonseed Oil Mill Plant

We are a reliable manufacturer of Cottonseed Oil Mill Plant. Quality, Technology and Service are three things we always focus on as our commitment

Neem Seed Oil Mill Plant

We are the manufacturer of turnkey Neem oil mill plant with various capacity and affordable price. With a team of experienced Engineering and state-of-the-art